Thursday, February 15, 2007

Daffodil class
I taught another painting class yesterday - we painted Daffodils. It was so much fun. Small group - fun group of ladies.
Part of them coming and sharing a bit of their Valentine's Day with me was a small painted goodie from me - they got a pair of these votives filled with chocolate hearts, painted with pansies.

This is what we painted ~
Daffodils on a porcelain egg plate.

Know you've seen pictures of her - Nicole is now officially a groupie - hehehe! She is on a role to ~ painting walls, murals, and now plain trash cans - I think her husband is afraid to stand still for too long cause she just might get to painting on him. hehehe

By now you know Terry too! She got so tickled about somthing right as I started to take this picture - love it!

Heather - this was her first class and aren't those Daffodils beautiful! She has the sweetest son Jack and while he was at mother's day out she got to come and spend it with us. Her husband is deployed as well ~ so maybe between naps and mother's day out - she can get a new hobby started.
Way to go Heather! Plus, she had so much fun she signed up for another class.


Cami said...

oooh, pur-dy!
love all the students' daffodils. It's putting me in the mood for SPRING!!

Anonymous said...

Are Mom's excluded from the drawing? You know I love flowers!!
Mine are popping their heads out as I write even though winter will come again. Great art work from the heart. You are an awesome teacher, mentor and daughter. Miss you all very much!!!


Anonymous said...

I just read your blog again and saw where family could enter so I thought I'd give myself another chance. I need to get back to the states so I can decorate my house with some of the beautiful pieces you have created! and to get hugs, go shopping and eat out at midnight or 0600.