Friday, February 09, 2007

What's on your front door?
Do share please!
This is what's on mine ~ does it look like I'm ready for SPRING? It was 71 here on Tuesday and 53 today. But my front door looks like SPRING anyway.
I have to admit though that it's on the inside of my door. I've been told that a front door is naked if it isn't decorated but I'm afraid someone will steal this if I put it on the outside of my front door. I live in a very quite, nice neighborhood but you never know and I don't want anyone to steal it cause it's too cute!

Here's what I've been up to -
Kacy ~ a painting student of mine loved her project folder so much and she wanted them for papers she has to grade at school. She is a 7th grade teacher and LOVES it ~ so good to hear.
I wrapped them up with a really cute valentine's bow for her ~ hope she likes them.

Remember the rooster I painted on the apron a couple of weeks ago? Well, here he is again ~ this time on an aged canvas. This is one of my painting classes tomorrow - a bit different then what we normally paint but should still be lots of fun. Can't wait to share what my students complete - I'll post em tomorrow.

Got about 4 inches of my hair cut off yesterday! Just decided on Tuesday that I was tired of always wearing it up and that I needed a change. It doesn't even touch my shoulders - eek. I'm getting used to it, afraid to wash it cause I know it's not gonna look like it did when I left the salon. My youngest doesn't like it all and made sure he let me know. He said he really likes my long hair and I needed to grow it back now. lol Boys are off to the farm this weekend. I have two painting classes tomorrow and lots more to get ready for for the month as I have 10 classes scheduled. I don't sleep when my husband is gone let alone the entire family so I'm sure I'll have tons of time to paint, scrapbook, and CREATE! Have a great weekend!

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