Thursday, April 19, 2007

We had a hilarious, entertaining, wonderful afternoon with our local ARTIST celebrity - Mark Ballard at the O'Club.He is an absolute riot and is so animated - hence the pictures in motion - I couldn't seem to capture him when he was standing dead still - promise there are a few in focus shots below.
He showed us two different floral arrangements and shared some hilarious stories.

The finished floral arrangement!

The other arrangement he did had vegetables in it (asparagus, artichokes, and broccoli) and some of the most amazing hydrangeas - I think he said they are called antique hydrangeas with gorgeous greens and splatters of bright brilliant red.

He shared with us how he would dress a table if this were the centerpiece ~ beautiful chargers, dishes, and accents.

He used to do two segments a week on a local station -which I admit I taped quite often to see what he was creating or decorating! He is no longer doing that which is quite sad ~ but he is such a talent that I know we'll all see him some day (hopefully soon) on HGTV or the Food Network! You'll be entertained - I guarantee.

AND LUCKY ME!!!! After the event he asked me I could decorate my house with this arrangement? Before he could finish his sentence I said ~ SURE CAN!

We painted Geraniums.
I have fond memories on Geraniums - I remember my mom having them in our garden always when I was a kid - those and marigolds.


Alice J.





Alice H.

My evening class -
Lisa and Kim

Have a busy weekend with soccer games, painting class and hopefully a bit of yard work!
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Thank you soooooo much for pulling my name for the Gerainums!!! I love them!
Bought another trash can to paint some more on for one of my sisters that grows them.
Thanks again, Sandy! Yewhew!!!!!!

Alice J.

The Decorated House said...

More fun paintings, what a fantastic arrangement you got to keep. And what totally beautiful flower photos from you botanical gardens trip. Thanks for sharing them.

Kim said...

Mark's floral arrangement is gorgeous. I bet he was a real hoot. The few times I've seen him on TV he was so entertaining. Had a great time painting the geraniums. I went home and added vines to mine then sprayed it with sealer to shine it up a bit. I tried to load some photos on my blog last night but all I would get was the box with the red "x". I'll try again tomorrow. See you Saturday. Hugs ~ Kim

Nerissa said...

Hi Sandy
That's really cool that you had a program at the O'Club. We're stationed here at Dover AFB and I'd love it if we had something like that offered here.
Your painting classes look amazing. I can't get over how good everyones work looks. Thanks for the eye candy. Do you teach at the arts and crafts center on base? If you do, would you mind sharing some pointers as to presenting your work. I'm working on a few more samples to bring over to the manager there.
Nice to "meet" you!

gold said...

The floral arrangement was nice.