Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Painting on Glass ~
Here are some pictures of the two glass painting classes we had today. I let the ladies have a choice as to the flowers they put on their vases - rose buds or clematis (the purple flowers). Everyone did so well ~ as usual ~ they never cease to amaze and delight me with their creations!

Nicole ~ #4 of 6 classes this month
Welcome back! I missed you and so did everyone else that takes classes with you!

Brenda ~ 5 classes this month already!
Awesome job. Love the boldness in your rose buds!

Alice J.~
Yes, she's the same Alice that has been taking classes - she's lost 25 lbs though and you can certainly tell in the pictures.
Lovely rose buds!

Alice H ~
Bless her she got all of her stripes on and scraped them on something and had to wash it off and she still finished early! Pretty!

Sharlee ~
She makes everyone in class laugh! Such a joy to have in class!
Beautiful vase!

Heather ~
Another mom's day out spent painting with us! Beautiful flowers!

Judy ~
This was Judy's 1st class ever! Isn't her vase beautiful?!?!

My evening class ~

Kim ~ #4 of 6 classes this month!!
She washed hers off at first as well and still managed to finish 20 minutes early! Amazing. She put dots on her stripes as well and it looks so cute.

Terry ~
Gorgeous! Love that pink candle in there as well.
Hope that green paint comes out of your shirt!

Lisa ~
#4 of 6 classes this month!! YIPPEE
Gorgeous rose buds!

Cheryl ~
She painted her roses yellow and they came out so pretty. She also picked her name out of the drawing to take home my painted piece ~ I let her choose and she chose hydrangeas with no stripes ~ see below.

Painting on glass ~ Folk Art Enamel paints ~ can be baked in the oven and put into the dishwasher (top rack afterwards) OR they are permanent after 21 days.

Gotta close and get to bed ~ I'm beat!

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