Monday, April 23, 2007

Okay, I would have updated my blog but for the life of me couldn't remember my password. I really must start writing these things down since I have so many passwords for so many different things and they say they shouldn't be the same so I make mine different and then I forget them. How is that for a run on sentence!

I have lots to update - my May Basket Swap, Dogwood Painting Class, Peach Flower Pots that I painted and two fabulous painting classes that I held at the Byron Visitors Center.

I exchanged baskets with my partner - Katie. This was part of the May Basket Swap that Artsymama arranged. How ironic that we live in within minutes of each other so met up before my painting class on Wednesday to SWAP our baskets. The basket Katie made me is lovely. It has some gorgeous fabric yoyo style flowers with buttons and beautiful papercraft art as well as a tin with a handpainted egg (her sister painted it) and well...just sweet as can be. THANK YOU KATIE! It was a pleasure meeting you and sharing our ART with each other.

Me & Katie

My Painting Class on Wednesday evening ~ we painted Dogwood




I painted these flower pots with peaches and peach blossoms for a commander's wife to give away to people coming into their squadron and those leaving. Aren't they sweet. They have their squadron painted on the back as well.

I taught two classes today at the Byron Visitors Center and had an absolute blast!

There were accomplished artists in the group (one paints portraits, one watercolor, and several decorators) as well as those that have never painted before this class. It never ceases to amaze me that they can paint a project in 2 hours and they all look so beautiful.

Here are some pictures of my morning group!
Here is Jane - she is the one that arranged this with Frances (below) from the second class and I so appreciate them doing that and hope they all enjoyed it as much as I did!
Terry went with me to help me out today - a huge help - thanks T!

My afternoon class ~


Cami said...

Your students did an amazing must be an amazing teacher! :) Had to lol about your short term memory loss...happens to me all the time!

Dragonlady said...

Love the painted peaches and it looks like everyone did a great job on them..
I think we all have short term memory, it happens to me for passwords....I have aol e-mail and you can make folders on the save to aol, I e-mail myself the id's and pws and saved in a folder on aol, that way if my pc crashes, I will still have access to them....
Thanks for coming to my blog and glad you liked the Tipsy Pots....

Miss*Laurence said...

My gosh you're really busy! All those peaches- must be summer coming:-)
What did you seal the painted pots with? They look shiny.

Anonymous said...

I wish you lived closer, I'd love to learn how to paint. Can you teach people that can't even draw stick figures?? I love dogwoods and all of those peaches look yummy! Everyone always is smiling in your class, you must be a fun teacher.
I always forget my pin #'s in the store, then I roll my eyes until I think I've got it right...I'm sure more then one cashier has got a laugh from it.

Kim said...

First of answer Mary B's questions...Sandy is a super fun teacher and I believe she could teach my dogs, all 6 of them, to paint if she could figure out how to keep their attention long enough! :o) She's the best and I'm so blessed to "claim her" as my painting teacher! Wish you could join us, Mary B! We have a BLAST!!! Sandy, you posted LOTS of pics girl! They're all GREAT and I can't wait to paint on glass tomorrow and I'm super-excited about painting peaches and grapes on Saturday! I'm so sad I'll only be able to take 2 classes next month. It'll be a real let down after my 6 classes this month! And hey, about the happens to me more often than I'd like to admit! Take care and see you tomorrow! Hugs ~ Kim