Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wednesday FUN ~

Made another ATC yesterday to send off to someone with a huge THANK YOU for sending me an awesome goodie last month!

Had a painting class today - we painted Gerber Daisies and had so much fun.

Jenny - this was her first class (with me) and didn't she do an amazing job!
Alice H


Brenda - this was her first class as well and she did a beautiful job!

I'm sorry Jane - I didn't realize your eyes were closed - the downfall of not looking through the lens on my camera and relying on the screen on the back of it! PHEWY!


Joanna ~
This was Joanna's first class as well and I know she has a sister that is an artist and she obviously has some artistic ability as well! Great job Joanna.
Hope to see you at another class soon!

Alice J.

I woke up with the most excrutiating migraine this morning. It managed to subside during my class but has now come back ~ hoping to get a nap in before my class this evening!

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Kim said...

Gorgeous ATC and your morning ladies did an awesome job on their Gerbers! They are all beautiful but I just love Nicole's! Great job, girl! I had a ball at our Gerber class tonight. I was going through withdrawls not having any classes for so long! See you next Wednesday to paint Geraniums . . . can't wait! Hugs ~ Kim