Friday, April 27, 2007

These shoes were made for
walking and painting...of course!
My friend Terry and I ordered these croc style shoes from a nursing website - they are comfortable! We wanted to get them in various colors and paint them before we go to the painting convention in June together.
Here is what I painted ~ beach scene on the Navy,
Butterfly bush and butterfly on the Black, and Hibiscus on the Pink. They all came out really cute I think. Terry painted wild flowers, sunflowers and purple daisy like flowers.
Now for the bad news....
I wore the butterfly bush pair last night to my sons soccer practice and well the paint started peeling off ~ YIKES. It was almost like a decal ~ the butterfly came off, all intacked but OFF. We used outdoor paint thinking that since you could paint on items that would be outside and has a built in sealer that would work best - we were wrong. Now, might think about painting them with regular acrylic and sealing or purchasing some plastic paint.

Remember the hydranges I got in the floral arrangement last week - well, I took them out and dried them and they look gorgeous in my olive jar don't you think? I sprayed them with a clear lacquer.

Busy painting week - two classes tomorrow
Peaches and Grapes.

Looking forward to a visit with my dad as well who flies in today from Germany. Mom follows in a couple of weeks.

Have a blessed weekend. Happy CREATING!


Alice J said...

Love them shoes!!! Can you spray the clear lacquer on the Outdoor paint and it not peel off?
I really like the butterfly ones! Great job as always, Sandy!

Alice J

Dragonlady said...

I really love the painted shoes but sorry about the paint peeling...I bet acrylics with a spray sealer would work or maybe try sealer spray on the ones already painted....

the painting on the pink ones are adorable....

Nerissa said...

The shoes are gorgous. So sorry they were peeling.
My sister has been buying those shoes like crazy. She's a principal in an elementary school and very pregnant. I wish I would have known about this earlier. Maybe I'll make some cute pink ones for me this summer.
Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

I love these painted shoes Sandy! I also like this style of croc so much better than the ones with holes in them - I'll have to google for those!
Painted shoes - amazing!! So terrific!

Ruth Welter said...

Sandy, Love love love your shoes..they came out beautiful. What a very interesting blog you have. You have the prettiest shoes in town, I'm quite sure. I'll bookmark your lovely blog for return visits...all the best.