Monday, April 09, 2007

for a little creating!
I woke up this morning after a bit of urging from my darling husband yesterday to dust this house! He is such an awesome cleaner and does dishes, laundry, cooks, etc. (I know you are saying shut up already ~ hehehe). There is one thing he doesn't do though and that is DUST!
I started dusting and that lead to sweeping floors, washing base boards, cleaning the bathrooms, vaccuming the house and in between I managed to crank out these two ATC's
(for my non-blogging friends ~ that means Artist's trading cards).
I've actually made these as some Thank You's I need to get out to some bloggin' friends! Would love to get some more done before my week gets crazy busy but right now a good soak in my tub sounds more fun and much needed. I'm hoping to share some pics of DC with ya this week as well and am hoping even more that I can get them scrapbooked and off my camera and out of my computer.
Have a great week!


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Kim said...

Your ATCs are gorgeous as always! If you get too bored, I have LOTS of dust over here! See you Wednesday! Hugs ~ Kim