Friday, April 13, 2007

Dogwood ~

That's what we painted today!



Brenda - she won the drawing and took my project piece that I painted during class home!

Sherry's painting-

She was dressed to the hilt but didn't want her picture taken today -thankfully she brought a shirt with her to wear over her gorgeous outfit!



I hope all goes well with your surgery on your arm (again)

like Carmen told me today - "painting can be therapy" and IS therapy for many that I know!!


Alice's husband is impersonating ELVIS tonight at a local church ~ proceeds going to the Relay for Life campaign ~ and her job is to be at the front of the stage screaming like a love crazed fan (my words not hers). Hope you both had lots of fun Alice!

I'm participating in the Artsymama's May Basket Swap! Got my partner information today and will shop tomorrow for some fun things to put in the basket I have!
Will share pics when I finish the basket.

My youngest and oldest have their last day at bowling league and I think have decided that this will be the last year. Middle son is off to Atlanta for a soccer game and will most likely be driving home in the middle of all the really BAD weather we are supposed to be getting her in GA tomorrow evening.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! I have lots of things that need to be created, painted, and mailed and hope to get all of that done by Monday!

I went with the NWIP today - that means - No Weigh In Pass - Know that I gained a few lbs. while on my mini spring vacation with the family and although I was only 1lbs up on my scale today didn't feel like having to weigh in - PLUS, I have this outfit that I weigh in in - it's a pair of very THIN plastic sweat pants and light weight black t-shirt ~ well, since I taught a painting class this a.m. I didn't wear that and I knew that the jeans and shirt/sweater that I had on would weigh A LOT so I opted for the NWIP today!
Had a light bulb moment this past week though and think I've cracked the code ~ it has to be a CHOICE to make the CHANGE in what I eat and it's NOT something that will happen over night but over TIME! I was playing a numbers game ~ weighing in on Friday and being really LAX all weekend and starting Monday thru Thursday working hard so that I'd be at the same or less on Friday than I was the week before - well, my light bulb moment helped me see that even if I lose that week I'm still NOT making that LIFE CHANGE of CHOOSING foods that nourish my body and are better for ME! I HAVE STOPPED PLAYING the numbers game and have CHOSEN to make the LIFE CHANGE of eating HEATLTHY because I want to be HEALTHY!!!!

Okay, enough about that!
Can someone please help me!!! I need to know how to add a button like the one above for the Artsymama May Basket Swap on my blog to the side - I've tried for hours and can't for the life of me figure it out!! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!


Sharon said...

Hi Sandy,
I need to keep reading and reading that paragraph above about CHOICE...CHANGE...NOT...TIME...etc.
Love all that you've been doing.
I'm sorry, can't help with the button thingy.

Cami said...

I've missed looking at all the beautiful paintings here! catching up on reading all my blogs is on my to do list this week! BEAUTIFUL dogwoods...makes me miss GA!

Anonymous said...

HI Sandy, love the dogwoods!! As far as adding the button, at the top of your page go to customize, then add a page element. Make sure the button is on either your hard drive or in photobucket..etc. you want to add html, that will be one of the questions. Then just upload wherever you have the button. I Hope that made sense..Good luck!!