Monday, April 23, 2012

What's on my Easel?
Last week when Norma Jean and Renee were here they wanted to paint with the wOils so after their Level 2 prep course we broke out the paints and started painting. I wasn't thrilled at all with what I had painted and ended up completely wiping off two of the flowers before starting over. I've been dabbling with it here and there and am glad that I can almost call it finished! Love the way it is coming along.

Looking forward to teaching my first wOils Certification this coming Thursday - Saturday. 9 ladies will be attending and we're gonna pack my home studio with lots of fun - lots of painting and lots of picture taking I hope too! I always get too busy at these things and forget to get my camera out - so I'll have it prepped and ready and make sure I update my blog and FB with the photos of all the fun we've had!

Have a great day!


jshelton said...

What on earth would you have wiped off, it is gorgeous. I'm gonna have to get me some Woils and see what all the rage is about. But I love your painting!!!! Love Julie S.

Sandy said...

Thanks Julie! You are too sweet!