Thursday, April 19, 2012

Painting with Friends!
I got to spend the last two days painting with Norma Jean and Renee and had the absolute best time. I met these two ladies at the very first One Stroke Super Education Painting Convention I attended in 2006 and have adored them ever since! They drove all the way up from Tampa ~ crazy I know ~ but I'm so glad they did. Our friend Charlie was going to join us but sadly couldn't take off work - we missed you bunches Charlie!!
Norma Jean & Renee came up to take a Level 2 One Stroke Prep Course with me and they did such an amazing job! After that they wanted to paint with the wOils so we painted a mixture of one of Donna's Workshop projects from last year and a wOil Cert Project and they absolutely LOVED painting with the wOil paints! Think they just might be HOOKED!

The first day they were there the AC people were coming back to figure out why the second AC Unit they put in had the same issue as the first new unit ~ so no air all day! Thankfully we had a nice breeze and I could have the windows open. URGH! They finally put in a 3rd unit (different model) because they figured out it was a factory defect in this model ~ long story short ~ we have air and my house finally feels cool and normal from one end of the house to the other ~ something we've not had since we moved in.  It was always much hotter on the boys side of the house then ours which stays relatively cool. Thankully we had a nice cool house yesterday when they were here because it was rainy outside and not perfect for opening windows!

Sad but excited that our middle son starts his first ever job today! He got a job at a grocery store where his friend works and like me at that age is looking forward to having some spending money!

My oldest got SUPER news this week that he is graduating with honors and ranked #9 in his Sr. Class. So proud of him and how hard he has worked all these years in school!

Off to paint!
Hope you have a great day!

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