Sunday, July 30, 2006


Donna Dewberry and Me

Me and Priscilla Hauser

Chris Wallace (Walnut Hollow) and me

Wow! What a time I had at Super Convention 2006! I'm exhausted but learned so much and made some great NEW friends ~ Hazel, Charlie, Nancy, Renee, & Norma Jean.
I'll get some of the things I painted uploaded today and share those with you as well as some of the things that I painted to take down to CE with me.
I was very honored to have met one of my painting idols ~ Mrs. Priscilla Hauser. I have watched her for years on the Carol Duvall show and just adore her. She was so incredibly sweet and gracious ~ not to mention one of the greatest decorative painters out there.
I also recogonized Mrs. Chris Wallace from the Carol Duvall show - I'm sure they've been seen other places but that's where I know them from - and she is very soft spoken and very sweet. We did a fantastic wood burning craft at the Do & Dash event the first day with both of these ladies and had a blast. I LOVE Walnut Hollow products and have been purchasing their wood pieces at Wal-Mart to paint on ~ they have some fantastic pieces to paint.
The first picture is of me and Donna Dewberry the QUEEN and creator of One Stroke. They really put on a fantastic week for us painting fanatics and although exhausting getting up at 5:30a.m. and going to bed after midnight almost every day I had the time of my life.

It was nice to get back to my boys ~ My 3 boys and husband that is.
The house was spotless and a roast was cooking in the crock pot ~ how awesome is that! I was also given a box of peaches from Hazel's husband and my hubby whipped out a peach crumble to have for desert - hot with lots of frozen cool whip on top! YUM!

Well, now I have to unpack. We got so many goodies from all the vendors and Dewberry Designs and I have to find a place in my painting room for those as well as get some laundry done - which my hubby already started for me this morning ~ I sure do love that man of mine!
I've got a busy week but HAVE to find some time to paint some of the things and technics I learned down at CE. Have a fantastic week ya'll.

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