Thursday, June 03, 2010


Lori, Me, Donna, and Marzia
So here are some pictures for las month when I was at my friend Donnas house. Our friend Lori as well as Enzo and Marzia from Italy were there for 3 days creating, taping, and painting. One of the evenings we decided to paint BIG! Donna and I had chatted about it for months and it was nice to actually have the time to sit and (okay stand) and paint. I stand painting - have never been able to really sit - like to be up and over my piece and with a large canvas back a bit so I can actually see what I'm doing.

Here are the finished pieces and then I put in some pictures so you can see how we got there.

Lori, Me and Marzia with her painting

Me with what I painted that evening. I wasn't in the mood to paint flowers! I wanted to but didn't want to force it. I like the finished piece although it's not my favorite.

Marzia is a fabulous painter! It was exciting watching her paint and create! She does all these creative things with texure and movement add so much to her pieces!

Here we are with Donna and her piece - OMGoodness a picture doesn't do this painting justice! It's incredible and when you turn the corner and see it it's breathtakingly gorgeous.

Hippie Chick Lori has such a free and great painting style. Again, picture doesn't do it justice. The colors are so vibrant and WOW! It's hanging above her bed and is perfect there.

Marzia and Donna

Here are some of the pics in action while we were painting them. We took over Donnas dining room that is thankfully quite large.

I stared at mine for a while deciding what was going to be painted on it!

I painted the majority of this painting with a sponge - found the brush wasn't necessary for most of it - which was different but I loved it. It made it soft and tranquil which is exactly what I was going for.

Hard to believe it's JUNE 2010 already! I've done a horrible job keeping up with my blog and my blog friends. If you still come by and visit THANK YOU! I know it's disappointing when you go to a blog and it's the same post from like forever ago. I'm gonna try and do better! I love writing on it and sharing what I'm up to especially for my family all over the world to see!

Have a fabulous day!

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tea time and roses said...

Hello Sandy!

I love the big paintings, all are so very pretty! Each time and visit and see just how much you all are having I long to be there painting right along with you.:o) Enjoy a beautiful week!