Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm away from my computer with all my photos so can't post any but wanted to make sure I got a post on saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my MOM!!! 
We love you so much!  Hope you have a great day!!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend ALL ~ please take time to reflect this weekend on how many men and women have served and continue to serve our great nation so that we can exercise the freedoms we have today! We as a country take so much for granted and I think a lot of times forget about the men and women on the front lines, in harms way so that we can continue to have those freedoms!  Being a military brat myself I am grateful and so appreciative for all those past and present soldiers and from the bottom of my heart ~  THANK YOU!!

Have a great day.

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MOM said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!! Love ya all!!