Friday, May 21, 2010

Calla Lilies & Pansies

We made Calla Lilies in clay class and I just love this project!! The ladies did such a great job! Sue and Gloria had enough time to make another one and did one with Yellow Calla Lilies - aren't they gorgeous! I could so see these lined up down a table at a wedding!




Silly me forgot to take pictures at class one day so thanks Rachel for sending me your photo!

mine (front)

In paint class we painted these great lap desks from Hobby Lobby with pansies - I painted one side with a small design in the corner and then the other side with a bigger design along the bottom and the students could choose which style they wanted.



Amy's daughter Amber






I finally have a weekend at HOME - looking forward to hanging out with my boys - although it sounds like a lot of running around to friends house! Looking forward to my oldest getting his license but then again - not really! I'll be a worried sick mom everytime he pulls out of that driveway!

Hoping to get some late spring cleaning done and get my studio organized as well. Looks like a tornado blew through. Hoping to get some blog reading done too - I've been so bad for years now getting around to all those great blogs on my side bar to the right!

Hard to believe that today is my boys last day of school too! Where has this school year gone?? We did LOVE having Monday's off - made Sundays a true family day where we could go to church come home have a relaxing lunch and just hang out instead of rushing to get ready for the week - finish homework, etc. The boys did super in school again this year with all A's and several awards at the awards banquets.
Looking forward to days at the pool and just being home!!
Have a blessed day.

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