Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Family Time & Family Fun!

My grandmother and parents came to visit the last week in May - just a short visit for the day so Steven and the boys could see grandmother while she was down visiting for Chandlers graduation.

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the farm to celebrate our other nephews graduation from High School. It was nice to all be together and enjoy some really fun games and lots of yummy food - too much of it actually.

Dillon ~ the graduate ~ with his mom & dad

Gabby & Opa

Me & my gorgeous niece Gabby

My youngest ~ Holland

Gabby & Holland

Trying to stay cool!

Kendall, Austin, & Dillon

Kendall - keeping cool playing pool inside

We had some fun racing games that my brother in law came up with - most of all fun - only had my foot run over once by the pug - my youngest was behind the wheel - blindfolded - so what else could be expected?!

Kendall & Gabby

Then Opa got out the tractor & wagon for some more fun and games that involved spoons & eggs.

The tired graduate! 
We had a wonderful time and it was great to just relax and spend time at the farm!

Have a great day!

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petrii said...

What a beautiful farm to go to and hang out. All your pics are just beautiful friend.

Have a Blessed day,