Monday, June 06, 2011

 Graduation Trip to Memphis
My younger sister and I road tripped to Memphis a few weeks ago for our nephews graduation.  Was a quick trip in town spend a hole day and out of town the next but we wouldn't have missed it for anything.    We're so proud of Chandler! He is going to be a HUGE asset to the soccer team at Memphis University!!

Was also great seeing some familiar faces ~ all the family & friends.   Great to also see Tammy & Connor and meet Tammys beau and see Jessica (thanks for taking photos Jessica).
Plus, it was awesome to see Chad B. from high school.  Haven't seen him since maybe our 10 year high school reunion?

Mom, Dad, & baby sister Debbie

Grandma, Mom, Chandler & Dad

Chandler and his great-grandmother and my grandmother Adkins

Chandler with his Memere & Pepere

Chandler with his Nana & PopPop

The proud family with Chandler the Graduate

Chan and his Aunts 
Me, Chan & Debbie

Debbie & Chan

Chan & Linda (his proud momma)

Jessica & Chan

Linda & Jessica

Debbie, Me & Linda

Grandma, Debbie, Me, Linda & Mom

David, Chandler, Linda, Carson & Cameron

On our way to Memphis we passed through Birmingham and couldn't believe the devestation from the tornadoes that had ripped through there in April. We stopped on the way home and took some pictures. It was so quiet and even with a bus load of people there looking at the devestation it was quiet - really no words to say - just beyond devestating. 

Kinda reminds ya we're not promised tomorrow huh? Make the most of your today with family & friends and be thankful for what you have!!

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