Wednesday, January 30, 2013

 Art Journaling Class

Had a fabulous class today! We worked on some basic strokes and then painted our first page in our Art Journal!  LOVED this class and have loved creating in my own personal Art Journal. It just lets me be creative - no boundaries, no rules, no wrongs or rights - just ART - just FUN!
We're going to have an ongoing Art Journaling class ~ once a month this year and hopefully for years to come!

Barb, Sue, Dee, Sherry, Glo, Janis, Patty, Mary, Debi,Roz, Gloria, Fran, and Deborah

I've been busy trying to get my February classes designed and ready for next month! Here's a sample of what we're doing in some of them next month!
Bracing for the storm that is coming our way right now! For all my friends in GA and on the east coast stay safe!

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