Monday, June 04, 2007

Bird of Paradise ~

We painted Bird of Paradise today ~ I was surprised to hear that some of the ladies have never seen this flower in person.

I remember it was in one of the very first "huge" bunches of flowers my husband gave me when we began dating and I've loved them ever since.

Nicole ~ she won the drawing too ~ lucky girl! Plus, she also won the drawing for taking 6 or more classes last month and will get a nice Painting Covention pack from me when I get back from my convention next week.

Faye ~

This was her first class with me and she did a fabulous job didn't she? She said she has only ever taken 2 classes like 15 years ago in decorative painting and I think she surprised herself with her beautiful work!

Alice ~

Gorgeous work! I know you weren't quite sure of this flower but you did a beautiful job!

Sharon ~ (Faye's daughter)

This was Sharon's second class with me and she just jumped right in and started painting! Fabulous job Sharon!

Carmen ~

Carmen actually ordered some BOP off of Ebay and has it growing in her yard right now! Gorgeous work Carmen!

Finally feeling like I'm getting over this summer cold I've had ~ headaches every morning, aches and pains in my body for no reason and sinus pain. I went to bed at 8:30p.m. on Saturday and slept in until 8:45a.m. yesterday. I woke up too late to make it to church and my husband said he didn't dare wake me cause he knew I wasn't getting enough sleep as it was and with this cold hanging around he thought I needed at least 12 hours of sleep. I did wake up feeling rested, still with a slight headache but no aches or pains and the sinus pain was gone as well. This a.m. was the first in a week that I've woken up without a headache.

Have a great week!


Rhoda said...

Ya'll must have so much fun in painting class. Those are pretty things.


Southern Heart said...

Wow...all of your students are so talented! And everyone seems to be having such fun learning, too.

I hope that you're feeling better...summer colds are the worst!


Kim said...

More great paintings! I saw Ellen's today at work. She did an awesome job as did the other ladies. Congratulations, Nicole! Maybe one day I'll become the "lucky girl"! ;o) Sorry you've been sick but glad to hear you are feeling better. Enjoy your pansy class tomorrow. Wish I could be there! Hugs ~ Kim