Friday, June 22, 2007

Family Fun ~

My sister and her three boys came yesterday for a stop and go on their way to Hilton Head for a short beach vacation. My younger sister and two kids (the only girl in the photo and the youngest boy) came over to hang out as well and it was FUN to have them all together and getting along great!

Here are all the cousins together!

I've learned in the last few years that if I want a good picture of my boys I have to give them the opportunity to do a crazy photo. So, I start off by saying let's get a couple of good photos to send to family and then we'll take some crazy/whacky photos. Holland usually still finds something crazy to do ~ he is the comedian of the family and I love how he is looking up to his older brother in this one ~ totally Holland.

The craziness begins. We didn't get the youngest one (Andrew) to do his funny face when we were taking pictures but he had an adorable one he did every time we stopped taking photos.

My middle son finally has hair! Since he was about 6 he has wanted to shave his head. We lived in England at the time and I think he really liked David Beckhams look and since then he has always had very little hair. Well, he decided to let it grow out and boy is it strange to see him with so much hair! I think it has something to do with a girl but he says not.

Still painting ROSES ~
I am teaching two classes next week that are totally booked so I've been playing around with the different kinds of roses to paint. I'm still totally hooked on the new style rose I just learned how to paint at convention and know that my students are going to LOVE it as well.

I think this tray would look pretty with a piece of glass laying over the roses so it could be used.

Have a great weekend. I have two painting classes tomorrow and will share those pictures with you sometime this weekend.



Terry Richey said...

Aren't kids fun? Great pics! Love Kendall's new do, and the smirk on his face also...too funny. I hate missing the rose class next week, but I am looking forward to paint class in the morning. That tray is terrific and would make a great gift. Have a good day and we will see you guys tonight! Hugs.

Anonymous said...

LOLOL Lot's of cousins! Thanks for sharing with us! They make funny faces and stuff. That's kewl!I bet their lots of fun to be around. Although probably roudy at times.. Soo much fun though! Thanks again for sharing!

MOM said...

As Carl would say "you crazy kids". It looks like everyone had a good time. Photo ops are so hard to orchestrate. Can't wait to get a hard copy. Love the roses on the tray. You are right Terry!!! It would make a fabulous gift!!. Hope everyone enjoys your class tomorrow. Can't wait to see the final products. Love to all, Mom

Ann(i)e said...

seeing all your family like that makes me a little homesick :(
how cool for you to be able to spend time with them!!!

Daughter of the King said...

Gorgeous Tray....just visited your blog...I was a AF wife for 23 years...we live in Turkey, England and Italy....stateside...S. Dakota, CA, WA.......
Miss those years.....
loved living in England...loved it..