Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Monday!
I was so excited to teach the class this morning ~ I couldn't wait to share this new style rose with my students. I think they all loved it ~ and they certainly painted it very well ~ actually better than I did the first time I tried!

This is the tray I painted in class and Jane won the drawing so she took it home with her.

Sharlee ~
always good to see Sharlee! She is a complete riot to have in class and I love to listen to her mumble about her project ~ today I might have embarrassed her just a bit and held up her tray because she said it was horrible and I held it up for the class to see how gorgeous it was. They had creative license to paint the roses on the tray however they wanted to.

Melanie ~
It was great to have Melanie join us for her first class with me. She took lessons in NC and just moved to GA. She obviously had a great teacher in NC and she did a fabulous job on this new style rose.

Jane ~
This was Jane's first class and I was blown away with how beautiful her roses turned out! Big, open and beautiful roses.

Alice ~
I knew she'd love this new style rose because it's much easier to paint than the other style roses I've been teaching. I'm sure her sisters are gonna start begging for this to be painted on everything!

Jenny ~
Always good to see Jenny too! Lovely roses Jenny ~ we wish you well with your knee surgery and hope for a quick recovery! Paint, paint, paint while you are recovering!

Ruth ~
Such a ray of light you are Ruth! Super sweet and just jumps right in there at every class.
Enjoy your time at Hilton Head.

Nicole ~
I always give Nicole a hard time in class cause she does her own thing but she knows that I'm just joking with her ~ she picks up that brush and beautiful things happen. I love how she is able to just start without hesitation even when it's something completely NEW. Beautiful as always!
Nicole also was the one who won the drawing for the Super Convention pack. I had a blast collecting, purchasing, gathering items for her SCP. My friends Hazel and Terry also picked up some extras throughout the week to put in the bag as well.

Here are the contents ~

I love that black swatch of fabric! Donna Dewberry and her son Joel have a new line of fabrics coming out and they are absolutely GORGEOUS! Not sure when you can purchase them but check out
to see availability.

I also FOUND this on Saturday after paint class. I was leaving Hobby Lobby and walked right past this endcap and low and behold there was the bag that I've wanted since I saw it on
Everyday Beauty's blog. I even emailed her to find out where she got it. It retails for $34.99 but HL has a coupon this week so I got it 40% off!
Did you know that you can go to HL's website and print off a coupon? Sorry if you don't have a HL in your area ~ ours ROCKS!

Just had to share this picture with you as well.
This is my nephew Chandler scoring a goal in their state championship game (which they won).
That's him ~ sky high in the air.
Such skill ~ He jumped so high and hit the ball off of the side of his body to make the goal! He is incredibly talented and I'm sure will end up with a scholarship to college for soccer.

Have a great week. My Austin comes home tomorrow from Hilton Head ~ I'm glad he got to go spend time with his Aunt, Uncle and three cousins but I sure do miss having him around
here! Off to the pool to cool off ~ 98 degrees here today and HOT.


Alice J said...

This rose is sooooo easy. You guys that have not taken the class are going to be blown away!
Thanks for teaching us and giving us all the "tricks of the trade"!
Welcome home!
God's glory is upon you!
Have a blessed Day,

Southern Heart said...

What beautiful creations from all of your students (and lovely ladies, too!). They are lucky to have such a wonderful teacher, too.

I like your bag, and what a great deal! And that photo of your nephew is wonderful...tell him congrats! Winning State is a big deal!

Thank you again for my beautiful runner...please stop by and see my post when you have a chance!

Love, Andrea

Terry Richey said...

OMG...I have to learn to paint that Rose! Guess I will have to pay for a private lesson? Hope I still can afford paint classes after purchasing a house! I miss you, Terry

La Tea Dah said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog --- Gracious Hospitality. I would love to be linked to your blog! I will add you to mine as well. How talented you are --- I enjoyed all the paintings and students and family and and and on your blog! I'll be back soon. Right now I have blueberries that need to be put in the freezer, so have to scoot.


Nicole said...

Thank you so much for the goody bag from the convention! I pulled it out late tonight just to share it with Brian. I was so excited! Im already up past my bedtime but just so pumped about painting. Everyone loves the new roses. Once I got them home, I like them too. Your excitment was contagious today. What a wonderful class. My friend Janie was right when she commented to you "Gosh, dont tear Nicole away from her paint class!" And its true! I just love class and always leave wanting more. Just wish I could soak you up! You are great!
Thanks again!

The French Nest said...

Hi Sandy,

I came across your blog after visiting Andrea's post today (Southern Heart). You are so incredibly talented, I just love the handpainted gift you sent her.


Kim said...

I saw your lovely rose tray at class on Saturday and was so excited that I was already signed up for that class on Wednesday. However, after reading all of these comments from my fellow students I REALLY can't wait until Wednesday! Be sure to check out Stephanie's blog. She posted the seascape she painted last night. It is gorgeous! She's got lighthouses and seascapes down! BTW the pic of Chandler is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing. Hugs ~ Kim

Christi Snow said...

Loving those gorgeous roses here!! I am also loving that bag...hmmm, a trip to HL may be in order... smiles!

doriann said...

oooooooohhhhhh.....i can't wait until class wed. evening!!! ~doriann

The Decorated House said...

Sandy you students always do such nice work. I can tell how much you love our classes.

I loved seeing your art over at Andrea's. Very pretty.

Gabrielle said...

Hey Aunt Sandy! Those roses are beautiful, great job as usual! And tell Chandler I say congratulations! State thats pretty cool! I hope youre enjoying your summer, I miss you! Lots of love, Gabrielle

Gabrielle said...

Oh and one more thing, next time Im with you will you please teach me how to make that collage you made for Krystin? Thats the cutest thing I have ever seen! Love you!