Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A corner of my home ~

I have been slacking on sharing corners of my home with you so here are two!

I love this area of my living room. I had these pictures taken of my boys several years ago and absolutely LOVE them. I really need to update their photos but I just love these too much to not display them.

Below the pictures is a monks bench that I purchased in England. This is such a unique piece of furniture. It's English Oak and really ornate.

Here is a close up of it with the lid down

and a picture of it with the lid up so that it can be sat on - which it's not since it's covered! It's also full of bunches of neat little things that I purchased while in England. On the bench are some of the blue and white dishes that I really like. The stoneware "very heavy" bowl is one that I purchased when I lived in Japan. It's a handpainted bowl from Thailand.

The tea set was given to my husband and I as a wedding gift from one of my Japanese friends. It's Noritake and has a really soft delicate leaf pattern on it.

This is another unique piece of furniture that I have in my house. It's actually 2 step tansues. They are from Korea and I purchased them when I lived in Japan.

If side by side they form stairs coming up from the right and from the left. With the limited wall space in my open floor plan this was the best way to have these pieces of furniture. I stacked them on top of each other and took the door off one side in the middle to be able to display things.

The painting above it hung in my grandfather's house for as long as I can remember. It's on canvas and I believe my grandmother purchased it at an Art sale in the 40's. I purchased the clock in England and when it worked it had a Westminster Chime that was wonderful to hear. It hasn't worked since we moved from England the first time and I haven't found a place to have it fixed yet. Really, I think I'm afraid if I take it they'll tell me they won't be able to fix it and I'll be really SAD to hear that news. The Olive jar is Southern Living at Home and the jar on the left is a large ceramic "kimchi" jar. In Korea it would be filled with kimchi and buried in the ground for it to ferment. I don't care for kimchi but my husband loves it and purchased two of these jars on one of his trips to Korea.

I painted this yesterday for my dear friend Terry as a little going away present.

We had a nice lunch at the local sushi/thai restaurant and it was really nice. We're all going to be so sad to see Terry go.


Terry Richey said...

OMG....I have always admired all the unique furniture in your house, but apparently never close enough! I had no idea those were steps. That is awesome. I want some! I guess they are probably antiques and hard to find. Would love for my ex-DIL to ship me some from Korea when she gets there. Thanks so much for that lovely picture. Can't wait for HL to put frames back on sale so I can get it properly framed. Thanks also for bringing your camera to lunch yesterday so we could get a picture. A fun lunch, but very sad for me when I left and realized how soon it would before I am gone. I am going to miss you SO BAD. snif, snif

Kim said...

Beautiful furniture, lovely pictures and wonderfully sentimental pieces on each. Thank you for sharing. Your rose canvas for Terry is gorgeous. I know you gals will certainly miss each other but you are such good friends you'll never lose touch! I can't wait for next Wednesday to learn all of the roses! Hugs ~ Kim

HisLamb said...

Great Pics. Can't wait to see you tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

Your house looks wonderful! Thank you for sharing it with us!
The painting that you made for your friend is outstanding! Great job!
Wonderful post!

The Decorated House said...

Wonderful look into your home! Family photos, old treasures, and some of your new paintings....how fabulous.