Sunday, June 24, 2007

Saturday paint classes ~
Birdhouses and flowers


This was Terry's last class with me ~ she's moving soon and I know everyone at class will miss her very much.


(my plate)

Alice J.
Alice H
She won the drawing for the project piece I painted with them in class.
I forgot to share with you a PRIZE I won when I was at Super Convention this year ~
I won a basket that PLAID donated and it has over $110.00 worth of items in it. An easel, paint, turnstyle table to help when painting glassware, three new packs of brushes, 3 new project books, brush carryall, brush stand, dvd and a really nice basket.
This was the very last evening event and I had thought with all the drawings they did and some people being called twice during the week that my luck ran out last month when I won the Coach bag ~ but ~ just as I was saying "I really want that to my friend Terry" they called my name!
I also have been dying to give this bag away to my student that took 6 classes last month and won the drawing for doing so ~ NICOLE. She won a Covention pack FULL of fun goodies! I cannot wait for her to open it when I see her tomorrow and I'll share the pics of the contents tomorrow with pictures from the All kinds of Roses class. I didn't want to spoil the surprise since I know she checks my blog 4-5 times a day (so she says) hehehe.
Anyway, I hope you have a great week. Hug your kids! Show your significant other how much they mean to you! Don't take things for granted! If someone is making you unhappy, tell them and find a way to make things better ~ life is way too short to live in misery or just contentment ~ YOU can decide to make your life happy or not, productive or not, fun or not. YOU ARE WORTH every minute of every day and all the happiness in the world! So, what are you waiting for....go and get it!!!


Nicole said...

Okay Sandy! I only check it 3 times a day! I do love your blog! Im so excited about class tomorrow and now Im even more excited to open my gift. You are just too sweet! Im so glad you're back! I havnt had anything to do! :)

MaryB said...

Ha ha, I guess she does read your blog! That was a great gift you won.
I always admire all the paintings from your classes.
Have a Great Week.

Kim said...

Had a great time on Saturday, Sandy. It's been too long since I've seen you so it was great getting caught up. I love all of the pictures and your prizes are awesome! However, I love your reminder in your last paragraph the best. You truly do inspire me. Getting to know you has been such a blessing. See you Wednesday! Hugs ~ Kim

carolyn said...

Wow all that wonderful art work, amazing. Congrats on winning so many goodies.