Sunday, June 03, 2007

Saturday Paint Classes ~

Had a fabulous day yesterday painting and am continually amazed at what a wonderful job these ladies do. Even when I throw them curve balls like painting on a 12x24 canvas.

We painted one of my husbands favorites ~ Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise (Acrylic)~
12x24 Canvas

Here is Ellen's BOP.
So glad you called me at the last minute and came to paint with us Ellen! You did an awesome job! You'll have to send me pictures of your ART WALL with all of your paintings!

Lisa ~ Remember the large Seascape painting Lisa did when she came over to paint at my house. She has a Hemingway room and I think this BOP will look awesome in there with the tropical setting. Beautiful.
Hope all your party guests LOVED it ~ how could they not?

Then we painted Poppies ~
another of my favorites!
Poppies 14x14 Canvas

My poppies on 12x12 canvas

14x14 Canvas (oversized poppies)

This was Sharon's first classes with me and you'll be seeing lots more of her and her mom.
She signed up for almost all of my classes in June and July.
She did a fabulous job and is incredibly SWEET!

Mary Jane ~ always does a fabulous job (you are too hard on yourself MJ). I was afraid she'd get paint all over her gorgeous outfit but she managed to just get a bit on her forearm ~ thank goodness.

Dee ~
Dee had just driven in from Ala. and rushed to get back for class ~how sweet is that?! I'm glad she did. She painted my favorite color poppies ~ Big, Red, and Bold! We had the biggest poppies growing in our backyard when we lived in England and that is what these reminded me of.

Dee is a very accomplished, successful lawyer and is dealing with some heavy issues at the moment and I'm so glad that she is able to come and PAINT and RELAX and get away from the troubles of the world at the moment for her!!!

Dee also convinced me to start selling my pieces ~ they are all leaning up against my dining room wall so I think I'll start listing those soon either on Etsy or Ebay. OR if you see one that you'd like from this to past posts just email me and see if I still have it (I donate some of them to schools, auctions, etc.). price, etc.

We're painting Bird of Paradise tomorrow and Pansies on Wednesday! and you know I'll share those pics with you throughout the week.

We got some much needed RAIN! TS Barry was very generous to us and even though my grass is brown it looks a bit healthier than the dried out yard it was.

Have a fabulous week!


Allison said...

Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog - I think there are a lot of us that wish we had a home in England and could go back and forth - maybe some day. I REALLY love the painting of the poppies that you did. The colors are so pretty. I can't see all of the paintings though - for some reason certain ones aren't showing up. I so admire people who can paint and draw. It isn't a talent that I have so I am always so impressed when others possess that gift. You are really good. I'm looking forward to look at your other posts.


Allison said...

Sandy, now I can see your Birds of Paradise, and the other poppy picture! Great job, and again, I really like the colors you used. Just lovely!


carolyn said...

Hello just saw your comment on Allie's blog so thought I would pop by - I do live in England.
Love your art, so colourful and cheerful.

Kim said...

Well, I tried to leave a message earlier but the computer was not cooperating so I'll try again. Anyway, beautiful paintings, as always. We rode on the world's largest sky tram to the top of one of the mountains in Albuquerque yesterday. It was AWESOME and I got some great pictures. I'll have a TON to post when I get home tomorrow night. Hope you are having a GREAT weekend. Hugs ~ Kim

HisLamb said...

beautiful colors. and your students are amazing. must be because they have an amazing teacher.
Love ya,