Thursday, May 31, 2007

Painting classes this weekend~
Wanted to share what I've been working on without spoiling the final project with those students coming to paint this weekend.
We're painting Bird of Paradise and Poppies on Saturday (two separate classes of course)

When I get done painting my projects I paint these folders so that I can put all the laminated worksheets and instructions inside for my students to take home. I cannot stand to waste paint so I use the left overs to paint the folders ~ keeps me from wasting it and allows my students to take home a little something I've painted.

Had a bit of spring cleaning fever hit me late in May and I am taking 7 bags of clothes and linens to the Goodwill today. I got up early one morning and couldn't get back to sleep and thought to myself, "today is a good day to clean out my closet and drawers" and that is what I did. After I finished mine I went through each of my 3 boys rooms and got rid of things they haven't worn and now that I have a teenager ~ never will wear ~ now that he is more decisive about what he wears. I need to do the same throughout the house with all the clutter and knick knack stuff that has accumulated over our military moves from Japan to GA to Iceland to England to Nebraska, back to England and back to GA. Some things haven't travelled as well as others and it's time to get rid of the (as my English friends would say - TAT).
Would have a yard sale but I can't stand to have people coming to my house and going through my things ~ even those I'm getting rid of. I'd rather donate them to the goodwill or some worthwhile cause like that. However, I do enjoy going to yardsales and have never really thought about what those people must think about me going through their stuff. I'll have to ask next time I go.
Have an outstanding day!


Nerissa said...

Hi Sandy
What a fabulous idea to make the folders. I love the poppies. I'm going to start teaching at the arts & crafts center on base and I love your idea. I may have to borrow it. Many thanks for the help you gave me.
I should do some spring cleaning too! Wanna come over and help?

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