Monday, May 14, 2007

Another week of painting fun ~
Hope your Mother's Day was everything you were hoping it would be! I received a beautiful watch from my husband and 3 boys - my other three all stopped working the say week last month.

Here is a sneak peek at what we'll be painting the rest of this month in paint class ~

Apples & Blueberries

Birhouse & Hummingbird
My bird really needs to go on a diet doesn't he. Don't know how he ended up so big so will have to make sure the next one is a bit skinnier.


Love this piece! Could so totally see using these at a summer picnic with a plain glass plate over it so that it can be eaten off of and you can still see the lemons below.

Hope you have a great week! Smile LOTS! Create LOTS! Have FUN!


Kim said...

Sandy, all three of these pieces are gorgeous! I can't wait to paint the recipe box on Saturday! I wish I could come to the other classes. Both the birdhouse with your chubby little hummingbird and the lemon plate are so very cute! You are such an inspiration! Be sure to check out what we painted this weekend on my blog! Hope you had a great Mother's Day! Hugs ~ Kim

Stephanie said...

I hate it that we missed the lemon class. I just want to take everything you know and download it into my brain! Wow, download? I guess that is what I get for hanging out with computer geeks!
You are so talented and amazing! Thank you so much for helping me with Mother's day! It was a HIT! You are the greatest! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Colors of Me said...

Sandy, I was blog surfing today and found yours through a friend. Your painting is GORGEOUS!! You are incredible talented!!