Thursday, May 03, 2007


I had two fabulous painting classes yesterday. We painted one of my moms favorite flowers the Iris in both the a.m. and p.m. classes.

with flash

without flash

I faux finished the canvas with Yellow Ochre and then sponged on Linen to tone the gold down a bit. I think the purple of the Iris looks great on that golden color.

A.M. class ~




P.M. Class ~


Lisa had no clue until she showed up for class that she won the drawing I had for those ladies that took 6 classes last month and the prize is to come and spend the day at my house painting and she's already picked out the two projects she wants to paint.


Last night was her fast class with me. She's been painting and teaching herself and she did a fantastic job!


Terry's hubby got his orders and she's moving - boohoo. I told her she better come to every paint class I have from now until she moves. They're not sure yet when they are leaving but sometime this summer.

I received this gift today from the ROSC board! My friend and 2nd Vice Terry (same Terry as above) picked out this print and I picked out the frame and they gave it to me today.
Today was our my last board meeting with the OSC. Isn't it gorgeous. It has a picture of the Hay House, a very historical and beautiful home in Macon, GA. as well as a mug that says Cherry Blossom time in Macon, GA.
I had a fabulous time this past year being the President but I'm looking forward to some much needed free time. I've wanted to do a Beth Moore bible study at church now for 2 years and couldn't because of my volunteering. I've also wanted to spend some more time with some of my friends and go to lunch and well, somedays just stay home and read all the magazines that I subscribe to and never read, as well as play in my ART room. Speaking of my ART room ~ it is in desperate need of a good cleaning - It really is gonna take me weeks to get it back in order. I'm hoping to get it done before my mom and dad get back in a couple of weeks for a short visit.

My husband and I had lunch today with a friend that we actually met here 14 years ago and then we followed them to Mildenhall, England. (has it really been that long Dana?) Great lunch, great conversation, same funny sweet Dana. Today we ate at the Vietnamese restaurant so tomorrow we're gonna go eat Thai. It's was awesome to have her tell me that she reads my blog all the time!

Don't forget to enter the drawing in the post below - I'm going to have my son draw a name after he gets home from school tomorrow and will post a picture of the goodie I'm sending as well as the name of the person that will be receiving it. Just leave me a comment in the post below to enter!


Kim said...

Oh my gosh, those iris paintings turned out gorgeous! I can't believe the difference with the flash and without. Your ladies did fantastic! The picture you received is absolutely gorgeous as well. I know you have worked hard and they will miss you but I also know you will enjoy a little more time for yourself. I'm so glad you got to visit with your friend. I just LOVE to see friends from long ago. It's so neat to me that we usually just pick right up where we left off like it had only been a week or so. Looking forward to Saturday. Hugs ~ Kim

Alice J said...

Sorry I didn't get in on your Iris class yesterday. I've been very busy since I came back from our trip to North Georgia.
I forgot to take my camera so it gave me the opportunity to paint the picture of the mountains! How awesome is that?! I've never painted mountains before!
I'll send you a picture of my paintings.
I also tried to paint a HD Paints Landscape with my acrylics. Will send that too.
Have a great day in the Lord,
Alice Jackson

Rhoda said...

Those paintings are so mom's name is Iris! I wish I was artistic in that way, I've always admired artists who could paint something pretty.

You will love Beth Moore's Bible studies when you get in one. I've done several (just finished up Daniel) and they are just awesome. Beth brings the scriptures alive with her teaching.

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