Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Birdhouses & Cherry Blossoms ~
Taught a fun class this morning ~ birdhouse, flowers and a hummingbird.

As usual, everyone did a beautiful job on their canvas!







I took my middle man (thanks Annie) to the doctor's office to get his cast on. There was a man in there at the same time that had punched a wall and dislocated/broke his 5th something in his hand and OMgosh! they had to stick a large needle in his hand to numb it so that the doctor could forceably grab it and try to set it before they placed him in a splint. I almost cried ~ cause I could hear this grown man cry from the pain. OUCH!

When I got home I had to get busy on a farewell gift for my friend ~ Maggie. Her packers are coming to her house tomorrow and I have to get it over there so it can make it on the truck. She had a large cherry blossoms tree in her front yard and i thought something with cherry blossoms on it would be a nice reminder of her time in GA. This is the one of the downfalls of military life - having to say goodbye to those you meet ~ but on the flip side of that I have met and made friends with some of the most amazing people all over the world and if my husband wasn't in the AF I wouldn't have had the opportunity to have done so.


Kim said...

The birdhouses are really cute. Great job by all. I hope your "middle man" is feeling okay. Very pretty cherry blossom cake plate. Love it all, as usual. Hugs ~ Kim

Colors of Me said...

Your painting is absolutely gorgeous!!! The cherry blossom cake plate is beautiful!!