Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saturday Paint Class ~
We painted Apples & Blueberries again

Neta ~

This was her first painting class with me and only her second painting class ever. Didn't she do a fantastic job? She came dressed so beautifully to class that I was afraid that she'd get paint all over her but she managed to walk out without a drop on her.


Dressed and ready to paint and then go out and eat with her daughter and sons new girlfriend ~ hope you guys had a great time.


Lisa is so funny! She tried to get out of getting her picture taken cause she was laying sod around her new pool before coming to class - showered and came to paint. You still look beautiful darling!

They were out of receipe boxes so I had to paint something else as the giveaway prize ~
I painted apples and blueberries on this still paper mache bag. Neta won.

Did you see the moon and venus last night? Picture perfect when looking at it with your eyes but not so much with a camera. Loved the effect it made though when I looked at my pictures this morning.

This is my kids last week at school - YIKES. I've done nothing for teachers gifts yet ~ any suggestions??

Have a blessed week.


Kim said...

Great class yesterday! I loved the apples and blueberries. They were fun and a departure from the norm. Neat picture of the moon. Yeah, I need to paint a couple of gifts for Bryant's teachers today! Hugs ~ Kim

Southern Heart said...

What lovely and talented ladies! I should take a painting class...that looks fun. I love the picture of the moon, too.

Please tell your sister Linda hello...she left a sweet note for me, and I think that we do live in the same city...small world!!