Sunday, May 06, 2007

Butterfly Bushes, Butterflies and Pomegranates
We painted Butterfly bushes and butterflies on a wooden tissue box! I love how these turned out. These are the two I painted.



Kim's mother-in-law MaryAnn

She won the drawing and got to take home my butterfly box at the top of the post.


Ruths' Welcome sign

Pomegranates ~

Not the pretties fruit but one that I love to eat and one that I've wanted to paint on something for a while now. I thought how pretty it would be to make a set of these and put a glass plate over them so that you could set a table with them.
I painted some on a larger canvas and well...let's just say that I loved them but my father said they looked like Christmas ornaments and my husband said they looked like Helium balloons. We'll after much looking and thinking, I decided that they looked like whoopie cushions. SO....I decided to paint them on a smaller flat canvas and painted them how I saw them in my head - on tiles in a row in my kitchen ~ doesn't that sound awesome. I took the rest of the canvas to class to let those that finished early have a go at it. Nicole of course, the speedy painter finished both projects!







he was so much fun to have in class! An absolute riot and he called me Ma'am all day long!


Kim said...

Sandy, we had a blast at our class. My mother-in-love (law) had a wonderful time and thought you were awesome...of course I agreed! :o) The girls had a great time as well. It was great to share that time with 4 of my favorite people! We were all so happy with our boxes & now have to go buy tissues to put in them! I sent her home with my rosebud vase we painted a couple of weeks ago. She LOVED it! The ladies in your second class did awesome in their class as well. Brian looks like he was the life of the class! I'm sure it was F-U-N! Wish I could have been there. Thanks again and I'll see you on Wednesday! Hugs ~ Kim

Christi Snow said...

Sandy, gorgeous as ever!!! Congratulations on making it through a year as OSC president...something to definitely be proud of! smiles...

Anonymous said...

I was so shocked at winning the day with you! I truly feel like the luckiest girl.I had a great time painting this weekend, it's always nice having a man around to. You always inspire me and others to paint and believe in ourselves. What a wonderful teacher you are and I'm so glad I found you. Thanks for all you do.

Alice J said...

I had a blast at your class with Brian! I think Nicole should bring him more often. And I don't say this just because I won the plate. He is a HOOT! The ones that didn't get to attend class that day really missed a treat!
Oh, and the painting was fun too. Even if I had a problem layering all those layers of paint.
God Bless,
Alice J