Friday, May 04, 2007

Congratulations to ~ see below

Since putting together my May Day Basket for Artsymama's May Basket Swap I've been in a "springy" mood. I painted this up the other day and wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it until I posted a couple of days ago and decided that it was going to be a PRIZE!
Thanks to all the entered by leaving me a comment and to those that didn't, I still want to thank you for stopping by.

I got these glass cups and saucers last summer at an auction when I went to visit my good friends in Nebraska. I painted it with Hydrangeas - one of my favorites! BUT, I wanted to dress it up a bit so I added the bunch of hydrangea and the gorgeous pink bird.

So, my son Holland came in from school and I had him do the drawing - and the winner is...

RHODA from Southern Hospitality
My sister Linda was the one that was looking through my links and found a link on one of their links that lead us to Southern Hospitality
Her southern charm and eye candy photographs and house decorations are just beautiful and I hope you'll go by and check out Rhoda's blog.
Drop me an email Rhoda and I'll get this mailed off to you! From my southern home to your southern home.
I've been spending the day getting ready for two painting classes tomorrow. We're painting butterfly bushes and butterflies and in the second class we are painting pomagranates and vines with berries. Went to WW today and lost another 2.4 lbs. yippee ~ it's been slow going but it's coming off steady and in a healthy way. Then went to have lunch with our good friend Dana ~ we had Thai today and the Chiangmai Green Curry was delicious!
We've quickly passed Spring and have entered summer here in GA with temps in the 90's. Muggy and HOT. Plus, all day today we've been under this haze from all the wildfires that are going on in Southern GA.
Have a blessed, FUN filled weekend!


Rhoda said...

Oh, Sandy! You're so sweet to say all those wonderful things. I'm such a new blogger & am having a ball sharing things with everyone. I'm SO excited...I hardly ever win anything, but this is the 2nd drawing I've won since I've been blogging. Thank you SO's beautiful. You are very talented & creative & I will treasure my little cup & saucer from you.


nancy from nebraska said...

you are amazing, my friend! loved the way you "dressed up" the tea cup! can't wait to see you this summer!

love, nanc

Kim said...

Sandy, Beautiful teacup and saucer. I love them! It was hard, but my Mom fell in love with my framed seascape so I decided to give it to her for Mother's Day. I also gave her my tulips to give to my grandmother. I know they will both treasure them and will think of me and how much I love them when they see the pictures. Looking forward to class today. Hugs ~ Kim

Ann(i)e said...

stunning...I clearly need to spend more time online so I can get in on things like this!!

Stephanie said...

I just love the cup set!

Simply Me Art said...

Just a little comment to let you know your site is Lovely and your work is Too. Jamie