Thursday, May 31, 2007

Painting classes this weekend~
Wanted to share what I've been working on without spoiling the final project with those students coming to paint this weekend.
We're painting Bird of Paradise and Poppies on Saturday (two separate classes of course)

When I get done painting my projects I paint these folders so that I can put all the laminated worksheets and instructions inside for my students to take home. I cannot stand to waste paint so I use the left overs to paint the folders ~ keeps me from wasting it and allows my students to take home a little something I've painted.

Had a bit of spring cleaning fever hit me late in May and I am taking 7 bags of clothes and linens to the Goodwill today. I got up early one morning and couldn't get back to sleep and thought to myself, "today is a good day to clean out my closet and drawers" and that is what I did. After I finished mine I went through each of my 3 boys rooms and got rid of things they haven't worn and now that I have a teenager ~ never will wear ~ now that he is more decisive about what he wears. I need to do the same throughout the house with all the clutter and knick knack stuff that has accumulated over our military moves from Japan to GA to Iceland to England to Nebraska, back to England and back to GA. Some things haven't travelled as well as others and it's time to get rid of the (as my English friends would say - TAT).
Would have a yard sale but I can't stand to have people coming to my house and going through my things ~ even those I'm getting rid of. I'd rather donate them to the goodwill or some worthwhile cause like that. However, I do enjoy going to yardsales and have never really thought about what those people must think about me going through their stuff. I'll have to ask next time I go.
Have an outstanding day!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


We hope you have a fabulous BIRTHDAY!!! Gotta love that big hair!
I wish I had a picture of the cake I made her when they were here. I made a cake, frosted it and covered it with red swedish fish! She got me and my two sisters hooked on those when we were growing up and I just thought it would be funny and it was!

I also haven't posted since my older sister LINDA had a birthday and I had to include these two photos! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY (on the blog anyway)

This is my older sister Linda and her middle son Carson.

I had to include this photo because when I was looking through photos of her to put on the blog I came across this old one of her and I at Halloween (wish I had those costumes today!)
and I thought this was a spitting image of Carson
(minus the hair as my younger son pointed out) but the expression is so Carson.

Me on the left and my older sister Linda on the right (see the resemblence with the picture above?)

ALSO, Happy Anniversary (May 29th) to my younger sister and her hubby!!
Had a good visit with my parents and they left on Saturday to head back to Germany.
After the boys got out of school on Friday (their last day for the year) our family headed up to Atlanta to visit with my sister in law and neice. We took Kendall to his teams soccer game (he still has his cast on so is done for the season) and unfortunately they lost but it was nice to be there and cheer them on. Then we went back to my SIL's house and picked everyone up and went to Atlantic Station. If you EVER visit Atlanta I HAVE TO RECOMMEND going to Atlantic Station. You would never know that you were in downtown Atlanta. They had an Arts & Crafts bazaar going on and we girls went shopping and the boys went to see Pirates III. My husband said that was the most comfortable, cleanest, nicest theater he has EVER been in. This place is like a town within a town. You could live there (small condo $300K's - larger$1mil) and never have to leave for a thing - there are shops, grocery stores and soon to open one of the poshest Target stores I've ever seen (and that was just from the outside). By the time us girls ate at the Cheesecake Bistro and the boys ate all their movie goodies we were too tired and FULL to eat out like planned so we headed back to the house and picked up some KFC for the kids. Had a great night of vegging out and enjoying being with family. Sunday was our day to go to the Atlanta Braves game (the boys got free tickets because of their grades last year). When we woke up the smoke was absolutely horrendous and smelled like there was fire down the street ~ in fact, the smoke was from the fires in southern GA. She lives in North GA and the smoke was just terrible. So, we had breakfast out and back to my SIL's house and then headed off to the game. When we were driving to the stadium (downtown Atlanta) you couldn't see any of the skyscrappers or the stadium itself and decided then that we wouldn't/couldn't stay for the game with my oldest sons allergies. The boys were all fine with the decision and were anxious to get home just like I was!
I love going places but I LOVE being at HOME too! For so many years I was a "goer", had a very hard time sitting still or staying home. NOW, I love being at HOME.
Speaking of home, it's HOT here! Going to be in the mid 90's today and we've not had rain in weeks and doesn't look like we will until possibly next week! Funny how weather works, too much in TX and not enough in GA or FLA. We're on water rationing (we're on a well so not sure if that includes us or not) but growing up on a farm my husband wouldn't even think of watering grass when it might mean the well could dry up and leave us with no water in the house. Guess the peaches will be sparce this year too ~ what didn't die in the mid spring freeze has died from the drought. The peaches here on one of the largest peach plantations in GA are pitiful!
Well, the pool has opened on base and that's where we are headed today! Wish we had a pool in the backyard so we could use it everyday but like I said we are on a well - doesn't make too much sense especially with the summer we are having so far with no rain.
I cannot believe May is almost over! It was so busy though with my OSC stuff coming to an end, participating in the
May Basket Swap, family in town, teacher gifts, end of school, etc. Now JUNE! My middle son will turn 12 ~ (he is almost 12 going on 22), I'm going to a painting convention in FLA. and can't wait for that, heading to farm for a visit and have 10 painting classes and will hopefully hit the pool as often as we can.
What cha think of the new blog look/banner? I FINALLY changed over to the new blog version - was too afraid for too long but jumped at it when I saw my blog friend Norah's blog. It is so much easier to do the things I've been asking all my blog friends for so long - how do you make a banner header? Add buttons to the side? Anyway, it will change often I'm sure now that I have figured some of it out!

Have a fabulous WEDNESDAY! Mom, hope you have a FABULOUS birthday!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday ~ finally!
Do you ever have those days where you think all day long it's a different day than it is?
I had three Fridays this week. All day Wed. and Thurs. I thought it was Friday. Strange! But it's here finally.
Here are some pics of some things I had to get painted before my parents leave tomorrow to go back to Germany. They are for some of their German friends and I hope they like them.



I forgot to take pictures of the signs I did for my 4th graders teachers ~ oh well. Here are two I did for my niece ~ Hannah to give to her two teachers.

Of course, my 7th grader is at the age where he doesn't want to take ANYTHING unless it's food to the teachers or for class. My 6th grader on the other hand is so use to me making/painting something for the teachers that he was appauled when I said I just might buy them Starbucks gift cards or something! How could I?! So, I ended up making cards out of a painting I've done with the state of GA and a peach and peach blossoms on it. Packaged them up nicely with a big bow on top and sent those off to each of the teachers! Both sons were pleased with that gift and my 7th grader was even more thrilled that I dropped them off at the office to be passed out by the secretary so that he didn't have to bother! Can't say enough how much I am looking forward to summer break ~ some of the things my kids have picked up on this year from school are starting to worry me ~ nothing serious ~ just wanting to wear their pants halfway to shins! Very disturbing sight!

Not sure when I'll have time to post this weekend! Have a fantastic weekend and an even better Memorial Day Weekend. Here are some photos that I took while in DC this past spring break! I think it's an amazing sacrifice what our troops do for us on a daily basis! Whether you believe with the war or not ~ soldiers present and past should be held in the greatest honor for giving us the freedoms we have today!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Inspiration from Austria and
Lemons ~

When we lived in England we went over to Germany to visit my parents and they took us to Austria for 3 days - LOVED this beautiful city!
We took the boys on the Sound of Music tour which I thought they would be bored with but really enjoyed it.
I loved all the COLORS on the buildings and that is where I got my inspiration when I painted this panel for my mom. She wanted this panel for her windows to keep the sun out now I think she likes it so much that she is going to put it in her office. It totally speaks AUSTRIA to me!

Today in paint class we painted lemons ~

Nicole ~
Okay, I wasn't but I have to.
Nicole came to the door all decked out and beautiful ~ dressed to the 9's. She started laughing and let us know that she couldn't NOT come to paint class but had to leave early to go to a funeral~it wasn't for immediate family thank goodness!

She painted that plate in 30 minutes!
She also won my project piece that was on a blue glass plate (which I forgot to take a photo of). It was probably for the best~ I stopped at the newly opened Starbucks and got a VENTI Caramel Macchiato (SP?) and it sure was yummy but made my hands shake like crazy ~ lesson learned ~ no coffee right before teaching paint class!

Alice ~
Bless her ~ she walks in to class and my first words were ~
"I didn't know you were coming today?!?" Well, she is written on my sheet and I had brought all of her stuff along to paint with but completely forgot that she was coming ~ AND
I'm so glad she did! Your lemon plate is gorgeous and I'm sure it beat whatever you could have gotten done in your yard!hehehe

Alice ~

Alice was so excited to take this class today - she is a painting like crazy and makes amazing gifts for her family and friends!!

Went to a fabulous Vietnamese restaurant today for lunch with my parents. For those of you that have continued to email and check on him he is doing well thank you! We went to Outback tonight and I think I could go until Sunday without eating a thing after eating out two times in one day. Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, May 21, 2007

True Southern Style ~
Isn't this house gorgeous?!
This is a house for sale in Macon, GA and it is decorated so beautifully.
Love the kitchen butcher block, the vintage stove,the chandeliers, the tub, the stained glass window in the stairway landing, the wing back chairs at the formal dining table and yes that is an elevator in the last picture.

Have a fabulous week.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saturday Paint Class ~
We painted Apples & Blueberries again

Neta ~

This was her first painting class with me and only her second painting class ever. Didn't she do a fantastic job? She came dressed so beautifully to class that I was afraid that she'd get paint all over her but she managed to walk out without a drop on her.


Dressed and ready to paint and then go out and eat with her daughter and sons new girlfriend ~ hope you guys had a great time.


Lisa is so funny! She tried to get out of getting her picture taken cause she was laying sod around her new pool before coming to class - showered and came to paint. You still look beautiful darling!

They were out of receipe boxes so I had to paint something else as the giveaway prize ~
I painted apples and blueberries on this still paper mache bag. Neta won.

Did you see the moon and venus last night? Picture perfect when looking at it with your eyes but not so much with a camera. Loved the effect it made though when I looked at my pictures this morning.

This is my kids last week at school - YIKES. I've done nothing for teachers gifts yet ~ any suggestions??

Have a blessed week.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


What can I say but I was all of those listed above today and the day is still not over.

I went to my 4th graders school awards ceremony and we were so excited and PROUD that he won so many awards.
He received many certificates for reading, attendance, etc. and received 4 trophies for the following:
1 of 6 top 4th graders with an average all year long of 95 or above (the genie looking trophy), Highest Average of all 4th graders in Math, Reading, and Language Arts.

This is my sweet (smart) Holland. He is the comedian in our family and keeps us laughing daily with his funny quips and humorous take on everyday things.

Today was my last function as the Officer's Spouse's President. I was so HAPPY to have had a fabulous Board to help me and support me this year and I was SAD that is has come to an end but had a feeling of RELIEF that is was quite an easy year with very few problems/issues ~ usually not the case when you get a bunch of women together.
We had the installation ceremony which was funny, moving, and very symbolic and at the end of it I received these beautiful flowers from the membership. I also received an album with pictures from this past year which was beautiful (given to me at the beginning of the month).

I also won this lovely lantern that looks awesome in my boys bathroom that I just redid with palm trees.
Funny enough I was helping my friend Jamie pull names and I drew my name for this prize and...

that I drew my name out of the bag for this item that was a raffle. At first I felt so bad cause I pulled my name but it's not like it was rigged or anything. I also usually go with the first ticket I pick up in the bag and thought to myself no, I'll drop that and pick another and DREW OUT MY NAME! Unbelieveable and THRILLING! I am way too cheap to spend the amount of money it would cost for this bag and am thrilled that I just spent $5.00 on the raffle tickets to get it.

With all those emotions in one day I'm exhausted and think I'm going to have to go to bed early tonight! hehehe
Have to leave you with this thought though ~ completely out of the mouth of babes...
when we were at the doctors office the other day my oldest asked me
"Mom, what is reptile disfunction?" think about it and have a great laugh! I told him to ask his father (not that he has that issue) OKAY, enough about that subject.
THIS IS MY 150 th POST! Wow!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Birdhouses & Cherry Blossoms ~
Taught a fun class this morning ~ birdhouse, flowers and a hummingbird.

As usual, everyone did a beautiful job on their canvas!







I took my middle man (thanks Annie) to the doctor's office to get his cast on. There was a man in there at the same time that had punched a wall and dislocated/broke his 5th something in his hand and OMgosh! they had to stick a large needle in his hand to numb it so that the doctor could forceably grab it and try to set it before they placed him in a splint. I almost cried ~ cause I could hear this grown man cry from the pain. OUCH!

When I got home I had to get busy on a farewell gift for my friend ~ Maggie. Her packers are coming to her house tomorrow and I have to get it over there so it can make it on the truck. She had a large cherry blossoms tree in her front yard and i thought something with cherry blossoms on it would be a nice reminder of her time in GA. This is the one of the downfalls of military life - having to say goodbye to those you meet ~ but on the flip side of that I have met and made friends with some of the most amazing people all over the world and if my husband wasn't in the AF I wouldn't have had the opportunity to have done so.