Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Those are the words that ring through my head everytime I decide that I
just have to CHANGE something and I cannot go one more day without changing
them. Now, sometimes I revert back to old habits (like with my eating) but I
have found in my almost 40 years of life that if my head doesn't say these words
I don't actually get it changed! Usually it is just one thing like when I decided that
I would not go another day drinking diet coke - I really do MISS it! but I feel so much
better not drinking it and am thankful that I stopped.
Yesterday, several things came to mind as I was regrouping and trying to start my
week of organizing things before my sweet boys go back to school. It's been a busy
busy summer and with vacations, trips to the pool, paint classes, etc. I have made
very little time for some things that really needed to be done.

1. I have neglected my personal time in the morning praying, reading my bible and
having my alone time with God. Why, because one of my biggest downfalls is that I'm
a bit lazy sometimes and sleeping in til 7a.m. really appeals to me. Well, getting my
day started right in the Lord sets my day up for wonderful things to happen and I've
been neglecting that all summer long. So, change number one was to get up this morning
and have my alone time and I did. Which lead to my second change...

2. For 2 weeks now since getting our precious dogs we have put them to bed in their
kennel at night but when they get up in the morning we've brought them back into bed
with us. Not a good idea I know and this morning that had to change. It was 4:15a.m. and
I looked at my husband and said "this is the day we leave them in the florida room
after they come in" and we did. They whined a bit but finally caught on that we weren't
going to bring them in our room. We have a 2 week habit to break and I know it's gonna
be hard but this morning was the first day for a new habit!

3. My morning routine this summer has been to get up get my coffee and hit the
computer. I SO LOVE reading my favorite blogs but sometimes I go to their favorites
and before I know it it is 9:30a.m. and I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee - which isn't good
since I'm trying not to have caffeine. I know they make decaf ~ but I don't like it ~
there is a difference in taste to me.
SO, my third change is that after I have my alone time and get my children off to
school I will log on and pick my top 5 blogs to read in the morning and rotate them everyday and update mine if need be and get on with my day. As time permits throughout the day I will give myself time to read some more. My husband has already asked if there was a "Bloggers Anonymous" because I do spend so much time in blogland! It's fun, it's enjoyable but if it takes time from my family that isn't a good thing at all!

4. And finally, yesterday was my 1,010,100.00 day of waking up and saying that I'm
going to eat right. I'm 39 years old and there are days that I wonder how I'm going to
eat that day...low carb, count points, count calories, eat sensibly and it will all come off, go vegetarian, back to no carbs, ~ seriously I cannot count the days that I do that because
it is way too many!
SO, instead of beating myself up I prayed about it and could really hear God telling me to grow up! I need to be a grown up and stop "thinking" that I had to eat those donuts on the counter because they just look so yummy but decide is that going to help me in the long run with where
I want to be when I'm 40 - which is 4 months away? No, so that is the question I have
decided to start asking myself each time I "think" I have to have something I know
isn't good for my hips!

Yesterday I also decided that I needed to get my workspace/studio/diningroom in order.

It still needs some work but at least I got it started!

We have a large eat in section in our kitchen so decided when we moved in that this would be my work space but I still needed to have an area for guests and family to eat when we had more than just our family around (usually Thanksgiving time) so there is a table in the middle of the room for that.

And my puppies ~ aren't they growing! We've had them for 2 weeks now and love them more and more each day. It was nice not having them in bed with us this morning. My husband usually leaves around 5a.m. to go to the gym before work and today he reset his alarm and slept in with me until 6:45a.m. The dogs started whining and with no accidents in the room (yippee) I took them out and my hubby went and made me a cup of coffee!



Would have loved to have had my camera on the other side of them so that you could see their sweet faces. They were watching the fence for the big huge hound on the other side that likes to run across his yard and slam into our fence. Hope he doesn't come through it one day!

Posh & Becks sure do love to wrestle as well and I'm sure their birth mom would know how to settle them down. They get downright mean sometimes with each other and I just hand one to one child and the other dog to another child and have them take them off to play apart from each other.

Hope you have a great day! I have great hopes for my "NOT ANOTHER DAY" decisions above but know that I cannot beat myself up one more day either if I stumble and fall flat on my face. I know that the Lord is in my corner cheering me on and wanting the absolute BEST for me and I have to want that for myself as well!


Linda said...

Good post Sandy. I know with God's help we can accomplish anything. It's when we try to change in the flesh that we will have short term success. So I along with you will go for the Long term changes, with little slips here and there, but always letting the Father lead.
Love ya

Miss*Laurence said...

Sandy, I've always found that back to school was the best to set up new goals for me ( an old school habit I guess, you kow, new books, new class, new stationery etc...) so you've chosen the best time. However I'd say this looks like a lot of things to set to yourself in one go. One thing at a time is a bit harsh when all is so pressingly needed, you're too hard on yourself if it is too much! I think you should start with nber 1 and nber 4. I'd delegate nber 2 to other members of the family, and the rest will follow...

Diann said...

I'm so with you. We moved a few months back and immediately went through 2 remodels and it has totally thrown me off! I'm a routine person and so I hate to get off track. I had this same conversation with my husband yesterday morning and I know what I need to do to get back to some type of norm, it's just doing it (like you've done)! BTW, love your adorable pups!

Alice J said...

Love your post! You got it going on, girlfriend! Keep up the good work!
But I never knew you had any problems like this. You always seem so organized and pulled together. And I knew it wasn't just for the sake of your DH.
I know the time I spend in prayer and bible study before I get to your class always pulls me through. So I know what you mean about it.
Just remember, "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me."
Keep your heart with Jesus and you can't go wrong.
In the Love of Christ,

Sharon said...

Whow Sandy, I needed that. Thanks. and Good luck.

Kim said...

Sandy, we ALL have areas where we struggle but I think you are on the right track. Just don't beat yourself up when you slip. Sandy, our pastor reminds us quite frequently that our purpose here on earth is to serve Him and serve others. You seem to do a GREAT job at both but your heart obviously feels changes need to be made. As usual, you are an inspiration to all of us that we too need to tidy up our lives. You are in my prayers, as always.

justabeachkat said...

Oh Girlfriend! I can soooo identify with this post. All except #2 (well, that sounds kinda disgusting..#2 LOL). My sweet hubby takes care of Miss Daisy so that's not my problem.

But #1, 3 and 5 are exactly what I'm trying to work on. Exactly.

Loved this post! Let's cheer each other on.

Great photos of the puppies....so cute!