Sunday, July 22, 2007

Do you ever have those thoughts? Those moments? Those days?

Okay, so I personally know that my week starts out just right on Sundays
when my family goes to church.
My husband doesn't work on weekends but had to this weekend with an Air Force
exercise and I was so extremely tired and overwhelmed with everything that needs
to be done outside my home, inside my home, (should certainly be the other way
around I know), dogs getting me up at 5a.m. when I'm used to sleeping in til 7a.m. and
well the boys and I skipped church this morning.
I coulda gone and have no good excuse except the ones I listed above that are really
lame but they unfortunately kept me home this morning.
When my husband got home I decided to take the boys to an outlet shop up the road
in Locus Grove, GA - about an hour up the road - and get them started on school stuff.
OMGosh ~ everyone else in middle GA had the same idea. It was packed and the kids
wanted to ONLY go in the shops that interested them and I really wanted to hit Liz, Kirklands Home, COACH - okay, I did hit that one.
Trip was fine, ride home was crazy traffic, light rain and a cracking, scary noise that
made all of us jump with a ROCK hitting my windshield so hard that it made a crater
in it. NOW, let me tell you we have had more windshields replaced than anyone else
I know. We had 5 replaced in England in a span of 6 years - terrible "lorry" truckers
and their big tires throwing up rocks. Last year I took my brand new - 1 month old
van- on a road trip to Memphis and Nebraska and and on the way home took a rock
to the windshield resulting in a huge crack from one side to the next ~ having to get
it replaced when I got back to GA.
After the rock flew up I started praying and thinking how I woulda started my week
out the way I know I shoulda ~ gone to church with my boys. I knew they were
lame excuses and after writing them and having the day I've had know even more how
lame they were.
OH, almost forgot one thing. We got all of the stuff out of the car and my husband was
looking at all of the purchases that will now show up on the credit card and noticed that
the shoes we purchased for my youngest son were TWO yes 2 - left feet shoes ~ can
you say OMGosh! with me. I was so mad and all he could do was LAUGH!

He asked, "what happened to the right shoe he tried on"? Well, in my WHOLE life I've
only ever tried on ONE shoe to see if they fit! I know sometimes feet are different sizes
but honestly haven't gotten in the habit of trying on BOTH shoes. Well, now I have to
drive over an hour (twice) to get the RIGHT shoe that belongs to the LEFT shoe.

Posh & Becks have been awesome!
They have such fun personalities already and really are doing well with house training.
They have gotten a bit tired of each other some days and it results in them going to opposite sides of the room and taking a nap.

They have been sleeping through the night but are still getting up WAY TOO early for my liking!



The other thing that cracks me up is we have a very large back yard and their favorite place to play is underneath the trampoline.
This is the view to the right from the deck

and this one is to the left of the deck.

and this is where they want to play.

Haven't been doing too much creating this week. I have 5 painting classes this coming week and have been busy getting stuff ready for those.

I picked up this cone in the Christmas craft section at Hobby Lobby - can you believe they have out CHRISTMAS stuff already!
I covered it in some rose scrapbook paper that was given to me a swap earlier this year and topped it with some trim that I got at Hobby Lobby on clearance and a nice big bow on the side. It has a white mesh bag on the inside (not visible) that could be filled with candy.

Hope you have a blessed, creative and ARTFULL week!


Linda said...

I can't believe all that happened to you in one day. I hope tomorrow is better.
Love ya,

Alice J said...

Sounds like your week got off to a diaster. But Monday in art class will calm things down. All you need to do is take 3 deep breaths and pray. God is always faithful to forgive us for our smallest of mistakes. Don't you wish everyone would do that for us?

Kim said...

Yep, been there done that! I was so thankful when our friend from NC said he'd love to attend church with us today. I REALLY didn't want to miss it! Take care and see you Wednesday. Oh, the surprise party went GREAT - see my post! Hugs ~ Kim

Sharon said...

The shoe ordeal cracks me up!!
The cone is beautiful.
I can't believe you are doing 5 classes this week. So busy

inspiration=creation said...

Coulda, shoulda, woulda ... sounds like my Sunday .. We are new to the area and my hubby and I were going to go to church this weekend but he had to work (he assures me this is not a regular thing) and I just didn't want to go to a new church with out him... I coulda.. but didn't. It's been 3 weeks since I've gone and I MISS IT!!
I hope your MOnday goes better than your Sunday did (((HUGS))) from Canada

Angela said...

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda...Yes I do have those thoughts. :)
Christmas stuff ALREADY REALLY! WOW! LOLOL Geesh! You did an amazing job as always. You are very talented!
Your backyard is beautiful!Wide, Open, Spaces... Beautiful!
I bet you are just a wonderful teacher!