Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Let me first start by saying that I DO not know how to sew! I tried when I was younger and it was a disaster. I'll tell a couple stories below but wanted to SHARE these NEW FABRIC lines with you that are truly inspirational! I got to see them up close and personal in June when I went down to my convention in Orlando, Fla. There are so many that I'd love to have bags, purses made out of. You can go here to see the selection and order. Scroll down and you'll see a section in the middle of the page with the fabric swatches. Hope these colors inspire you today!

After I graduated from HS my mom, dad, and younger sister moved to Okinawa, Japan (a military move) and my older sister and I stayed with some family friends. The lady of the house sewed her families clothes and they were beautiful. I asked her to show me how and well, the only dress that I made was cute but didn't last long. My sister wore it to work one day - pulled a string on the sleeve and the entire sleeve slid down her arm ~ I was mortified when she told me.
When I lived in Okinawa, Japan a group of us ladies that had no kids decided that we were all going to get sewing machines and make valances and pillows. How hard could that be huh?
Well, it really wasn't hard to make them but about the 3rd time I used mine ~ the bobbin got stuck in the machine and I'm embarassed to say that it's still stuck and in it's original box for 16 years now!
This fabric has inspired me to get it out of the box ~ actually I'll let hubby do it cause it's been a box so long I'm not sure if there is anything dead (like a dead spider) in it. I know it would be dead but a spider is a spider in my mind that is terrified of them!
Hope you have a great WEDNESDAY!


Linda said...

Love that plaid. Looking forward to seeing what you create in the sewing department.
Love ya

Julie said...

I love fabrics and I love to sew...but not clothes. I love to create things for my home..curtains and such. I think I can feel my wallet quiver in fear when I go to my favorite fabric stores!

justabeachkat said...

I tried sewing quite awhile ago and actually enjoyed it...for a short time. I never felt like it was something I was good at though. Maybe I didn't give it enough time. I really should try it again. Thanks for the site. Loved seeing the fabrics. Gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

That makes two of us sister! I don't know how to sew either. I love materials though. I wish I could... Anyway, wonderful post!

Belle-ah said...

LOL...I am not a "sewer" either but I love, love, love fabric! It can be addicting.

Kim said...

Beautiful fabric...same boat though. My Mom and Grandmother sewed like professionals. I have made a couple of Halloween costumes for the kids, cheerleading outfits and crafts over the years but that's about it. Great class tonight. I learned a lot. See you for the painting marathon on Saturday! Hugs ~ Kim

Anonymous said...

Love them all...when you start sewing...remember your baby sis when you make the purses.
:)Love you,

Terry Richey said... Deb, I'll take a purse too when you get it all figured out! I really want to do a quilt this year and think I might just try out some of Joel's fabric when I get started. Thanks for posting the fabric swatches!