Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wednesday and Thursday Paint class ~

Here are some pictures from the Wednesday Water Lily class and the Thursday kids (+ Nicole ~ a big kid at heart) class on Thursday.



Alice H.




Sharon won the drawing in class and took home the picture I painted in class. (thanks Terry for reminding me)


Thursday ~ altered wooden box Purse



Lexie, Nicole (mom to Lexie and Hallie Zoe)
and Savannah

Lexie ~
She is an absolute RIOT and so much fun to have in class (her mom would probably say differently) ~ she is too FUNNY.

She probably wondered what she got herself into ~ super sweet & very quiet

Hallie Zoe
She finished her purse first and without being asked just started helping clean things up at everyones work area. You can tell she is mommas helper!

Nicole ~
She was so thrilled that she got to make a purse too!
I wasn't gonna let her sit there and watch ~ she's too creative for that.

How sweet is this ~
Nicole brought Posh & Becks some new puppy gifts!
TOO CUTE and they haven't stopped playing with ALL of it since I took it out of the bag for them.

Posh & Becks had their first vet appt. yesterday for shots and she mentioned that they would probably not eat as much and will run a low grade fever and sleep lots - but neither happened. They chowed on their food and played and play fought (sibling rivalry has begun).
Of course last night didn't go as well as the night before. We were up an hour after going to bed to let them out and then up at 5a.m. - DH was sweet and just like he did when our boys were infants ~ he got up and took care of the puppies without waking me. He brought them back into bed with us at 5a.m. and they played for about 30 minutes and slept til 7a.m. I woke up with and still have a fatique headache that I am hoping will go away very soon ~ I have to much that needs to be done.
Speaking of, I forgot how much YOU DON'T GET DONE when there are little ones in the house. My carpets really need a good vaccum and the floor in the kitchen need to be washed. Not to mention the numerous classes I need to get ready for for this month.
Best get off this computer as Posh & Becks have just snuggled into their little bed for an afternoon nap and now I can get my dishwasher loaded and laundry folded.

I haven't been able to get around to all the blogs I LOVE to visit but want you to know how much I appreciate all of your sweet comments! I'm hoping to get some blog reading done this weekend.

Have a blessed THURSDAY!


Linda said...

Cute purses. I am sure the girls and Nicole had a great time making them. Your painting class looks like it went well also. They are all doing so well. Sweet of Nicole to bring Posh & Becks some goodies. Glad they are doing well.
Love ya

Linda said...

Hmmm, how many times can you use the word well in one short post? Well,,,, looks like I did it 3 times. I better expand my vocabulary
Love ya

justabeachkat said...

Love seeing your students' art work and the purses are too cute. A friend brought our Miss Daisy a gift bag after she was spayed. It's so nice when friends think of our "babies" too. I know what you mean about having a time problem when you have new babies in the house.


Kim said...

Cute purses! I know your "babies" are VERY lucky to have such a good Mama & Daddy. I hope you enjoy the puppies as much as I enjoy my 6! That Nicole is just too thoughtful. Hugs ~ Kim

Terry Richey said...

Hey..did you paint in class and have a give away? Just wondered who won since you didnt mention it in your blog. Sorry about is almost 7:00 p.m. and they are STILL loading my furniture on the truck!

Anonymous said...

LOve the purses!
I remember puppy days ... waking up in the night ... it's worth it though!!

p.s. My craft room is not always that clean .. we just moved in about 2weeks ago and it was just unpacked ..when I get back into creating all I can say is thank goodness there is a door on the room I can shut when company comes!! hahaha

Kari said...

Sandy, thanks for the comment on my blog re: the menopause nightmare. I'm so not enjoying life right now. I have moments of humanity - the rest of the time, I'm a beast. ha

Loved your paintings, by the way. And reading of your family life. Why does reading about someone else's family life make me feel normal? I have a lovely family, really I do! But it's kind of nice to step inside someone else's for awhile. lol

Belle-ah said...

Cute, cute, cute purses!!! When/Where will you be doing another purse class???

BTW, if you don't want to publish that info. on my blog I have comment moderation so you could leave the info (if you feel comfortable doing so...virtual stranger and all!) there and it won't be published. TIA!

La Tea Dah said...

Talented students (talented teacher)

Beautiful purses (each unique)

Loveable puppies (well dressed)


Thank you for the pansy box. It arrived safely and I LOVE IT!!!!!

Enjoy a happy week-end!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful purses. I think that you must be a great teacher! Your students produce such wonderful pieces! Thank you for sharing them with us! *HUGS*