Monday, July 16, 2007

Water lily class ~
I was so excited to teach this class. I absolutely loved this piece the moment I finished painting it.
Everyone did such an awesome job ~ remember they have two hours to learn the strokes and then paint the piece. I faux the background on each canvas as it would take too long to wait for it to dry in class.

Nicole ~




I painted this one in class and Melanie won the drawing and got to take it home. She is actually going to North Carolina on Wednesday for an event at the animal shelter she used to volunteer for when she lived there. She is going to donate this painting to their auction ~ awesome and generous of her.

This weekend we went up to the farm. We had planned an 80th birthday party for my father-in-law which was a complete surprise. His birthday was in June but my brother in law that lives in TX was unable to come home then. This past weekend was the best weekend for all of us to get together and have the party. We thought for sure someone would spill the beans but he had no idea.

Party guests waiting for him to arrive

He walked in and didn't really see everyone to the right of him ~ until he saw my MIL and DH's faces.

This is one of Opa's (my FIL) best friends ~ we call him Mr. Billy. Him and his son to the left of him run the local dairy and have the most high-tech facility I've ever seen.

My sweet niece Gabby and middle son Kendall

More of the party guests and family

Baylor and my brother in law David

My DH saying some sweet words about his dad. Each sibling actually got up and said some of the most amazing things about this amazing man. As my sister in law called him EXTRAORDINARY!

Opa talks about some fond memories of growing up, military and family life.

We ate at a local restaurant - good country cooking ~ fried chicken, greens, peach and apple cobbler, plus lots of other yummy southern favorites.

One thing that really stood out to me about what my father in laws children had to saw about him was how much they really knew they were LOVED when they were growing up. My sister in law spoke about how her dad was a man of few words and sometimes his silence spoke louder than any words that could be spoken. I'm so extremely fortunate to adore and LOVE both of my inlaws. I hear horror stories about difficult relationships with in-laws and let me tell you I ADORE both of mine. My father in law taught my husband so much and a lot of it wasn't through spoken lessons but through his silence and actions. My husband learned how to be an AWESOME HUSBAND from my father in law. He respects me and treats me so good! He taught him how to be an AWESOME and hands on father. My husband ADORES his children and they know it. My father in law taught my husband how to clean a house and take care of his family. For those of you that know my husband you know what a NEAT FREAK he is and I'm so thankful for that. He saw his dad clean and cook and he really does enjoy doing the same for his family. My father in law raised his children to be responsible, hardworking people and let me tell you my darling husband, sister in law and two brother in laws are very hard working, awesome people! Their dad instilled a work ethic by working on that farm day in and day out and although they didn't appreciate as much when they were younger I know they ALL appreciate it NOW!

Have a great week. We're off to look at a doggy ~ will post pictures if we decide to get him.


Linda said...

Great post San. I too adore my inlaws and know all too well many people who don't. The Lord has blessed us both beyond measure in this area. Love the pics. and can't wait to find out if you gt that puppy.
Love ya

Southern Heart said...

What a sweet post, and great photos of the party, also. You all have a beautiful and wonderful family!

The ladies in your class did so well with their projects, too....all very lovely!

I'm anxious to hear about the doggie...


Anonymous said...

Having wonderful inlaws is the best. Mine are now gone, but they were lovely people who raised lovely people.
Class was another hit, I see. A new puppy...awww, let us see, that is if you get it.
Have a great week.

The French Nest said...

Favulous photos of the party! Your students look like they really enjoyed your class, and their creations are lovely. I can't wait to hear your decision on the puppy!