Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Home Sweet Home ~

It's always nice to get away and go on vacation however, it's even sweeter coming home and sleeping in my own bed!

First things first ~

and the WINNER is ~

Angela ~ please send me your mailing address so that I can get it mailed to you.

Hope you'll enjoy your new tray! Thanks to everyone that stopped by while I was on vacation.

(My son Kendall picked out the name from the basket - he just got all of his hair cut off ~ didn't think he'd last as long as he did with it growing out)

We had a wonderful trip. Lots of driving, lots of eating poorly and lots of fun! To be exact 8 days of vacation, 4 days of it driving and we travelled over 2770+ miles. We paid as little as $2.58 - $3.29 for gas.

We drove to Memphis to visit my older sister and family. We got there on Sunday and on Monday my sister talked me into taking a workout class with her. WELL, I do not recommend this when you aren't one that works out that often and you know you'll be in the car the next day for up to 12 hours. I was SOOO sore. I had aches and pains in muscles that I know hadn't been used in FOREVER! Of course, it was worse the next day while in the car on our way to Nebraska. The trip from Memphis to Omaha took about 11 hours and was pretty uneventful. We made it to Bellevue, NE and went straight to a place called Pizza Machine. We went last year with the boys and they LOVED it so we went back. It's a chucky cheese for older kids and lots of fun. Then off to the hotel - which was so cute and quaint and I cannot believe that I didn't take one picture. I'm sure it was the soreness in my arms and joints that kept me from picking up my camera - they really did hurt that much. The rooms were all decorated after the US Presidents. We stayed in the Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon rooms. The people at the hotel have done extensive collecting and had election buttons, banners, papers, all originals I might add. The next morning we were off to the 60th McGinnis and family 4th of July breakfast. The first year we moved to Nebraska in 2000 we were invited and had a wonderful time meeting all of Miles' family. We were welcomed back just like family and had a fabulous time visiting with everyone. Then we were off to the movies - we saw Transformers ~ great special effects ~ but a very very LOUD movie. We ate so much popcorn and drank so much soda - yes, I broke down and had a diet coke for which I paid for as I couldn't get to sleep that evening.

We really wanted to eat at our favorite chinese restaurant but they were closing early for a reception. We went in and visited the owner but headed back to the hotel and later to eat at the local BBQ restaurant (Famous Dave's). YUM.

We headed over to the lake house the next morning which is in Central City, NE ~ a couple hours drive west. We had a fabulous lunch with the McGinnis family and family friends and the boys had a blast swimming in the lake for about 4 hours. The next day (Friday) was the big event - Miles retirement ceremony. It was so nice and informal just like he wanted. He officially retires in August but was given all of his certificates, etc. and I have to BRAG and say what an awesome job my husband did of officiating over the ceremony. He was incredibly nervous but you couldn't tell. He is such a friendly person and within minutes you'd feel like you've known him for years but he was speaking in front of about 80+ people and he was so nervous.

We started at the flag pole and Miles newphews lowered one flag and raised another. A flag was flown over the NE Capital and was displayed nicely in a case for him already.

Miles and Graci Mae (my Goddaughter)

Nancy and Audrey

My hubby, Miles and Graci Mae

I think my DH was reading a letter from the President to Miles thanking him for serving in the USAF and serving his country.

Nancy was also given letters of appreciation and certificates for her support for her husband and family. She is such an awesome person! Best friend you could ever want and fabulous mother!

They just celebrated their 10yr. anniversary on July 2nd as well.

I wish I had gotten pictures of all the kids ~
I was terrible at getting my camera out on this trip.

Here is a picture of the cake that Miles' mother made him. She made the exact cake for him after he graduated from the AF Academy. It was so yummy!

Miles and his brother, sisters and mother.

Graci Mae - my Goddaughter

She is an absolute doll. You wouldn't know she is only 5 as she speaks like she is 25. Such a little adult and too funny.

Miles' mother made him two of the most fabulous albums. There were two volumes and that only got him through graduation at the AFA.

We all enjoyed seeing pictures of him and his mother did a fabulous job on the pages! The amount of stuff she had was fabulous and really made special heirlooms for their family.
Speaking of scrapbooking ~ Nancy is one of the most creative scrapbookers I know. She must have had 15 or 20 albums in the house we stayed at and they were all GORGEOUS and so creative!

My husband managed to get one picture of me ~I really do hate having my photo taken. I was washing dishes and trying to hide. hehehe

Remember the things I was telling you about before my vacation that I was working on? Well, here are the pics of those items.

Nancy has tons of old suitcases and sent me home last year with this one to paint for Graci Mae. It matches the artwork that she has a lot of from an artist in Oklahoma.

They also sent me home last year with this pub sign that was painted for them in England. They didn't care for it too much and asked me to repaint it. I thought it would make a fabulous retirement gift and thankfully they loved it. I only wish I had taken a before and after photo of it.

Their lake house is decorated with tons of railroad stuff and this will fit in nicley with all of that.

I've been working like crazy since getting home on some items that I'm donating for our local Air Museum auction. I'll share pictures with you when I get them done.
JULY 12th is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of bloggin'.
Make sure to come back on the 12th! I'm going to have a ONE DAY ONLY giveaway for all those that enter a comment on that day!
Gotta get ready to go an have lunch with Terry and friends. Can't believe T is moving this month! boohoo.
Have a blessed day!


Terry Richey said...

That pub sign and suitcase are great! I know they just loved them. Sounds like you had a good vacation (although all that driving doesn't sound like much of a vacation!)but I am glad you are back. You know, it is only 12 hours to Weirton, West Virginia. Hint, Hint. Enjoyed having lunch with you and hopefully will see you tomorrow. Tell Kendall I like his hair shorter, and tell Steven I think he is made for hawaiian shirts! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh myyyy GOSH! How kewl! I WON! I WON! I've been busy with this new volunteer job I hope that I didn't take tooo long in visiting your blog again. :)
I will write my mailing address to you as soon as I am done here. Ohhh kiss your son's hand for me. It's lucky... :)
Memphis,that's Elvis's home! I would love to go there. I bet that you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful photos!

Julie said...

What a wonderful vacation you had! Thank you for sharing it with us. Your painting is beautiful!!

Linda aka yellowroseli said...

I love what you did to the suitcase. Very creative. You do very good at your painting. I bought all that and never got anywhere with it. I need one of your classes, lol
Keep the inspirations coming.
God Bless you

justabeachkat said...

Congratulations to Angela!

Loved seeing all your photos. It sound like you had a wonderful time (minus the sore muscles)

Glad you're home.


Alice J said...

Did you paint the railroad picture? How awesome? You blow me away!!!