Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Magnolia paint class~

Had a wonderful morning with these wonderful ladies. We painted magnolias and I figured out the troubles we were having at Saturdays class and corrected them before class this morning and it ran so smoothly. Everyone did such a beautiful job!




Mary Jane


Nicole also won the drawing and took my painting home although I'll admit hers was prettier than mine! No lie!

This was my last class for July. I had 10 painting classes this month and so enjoyed all of them. I am looking forward to the next week preparing my boys for the 8th, 7th, and 5th grade. Then getting ready for my August classes. I have 13 classes in August and at least half of them are full or overbooked. We're painting things like orchids, tiger lillies, calalillies, another landscape and a few other things. I'm also getting ready for my "holiday class projects" - Autumn, Winter, Halloween, Christmas ~ with an emphasis this year on making our gifts for our loved ones and friends!


17 years ago today my husband and I were officially married. We got married in Okinawa, Japan. When you live in Oki and get married you actually have to go to an Okinawan office and get married. I remember them calling me up and they used my maiden name, they took my passport and we waited. About 20 minutes later they called me by my new name and I just sat there for a minute and thought "Oh, that is me" looked at my DH and said well, I guess we're officially married now. Our original marriage certificate is in Japanese and then we had to go to another building to have it translated into english. That took forever! The main reason we went ahead with the official ceremony so early is because my DH could sign up for housing and all the other benefits that come along with having a dependent. We were married at Chapel 1 on Kadena AFB on September 1st and that is the date we celebrate.

Hope you have an outstanding week. I'm getting off this computer for the day and cleaning my house!


Julie said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love the fact that your students look so happy with their paintings!

Alice J said...

Happy Anniversary! You didn't tell your students!
Your class today was wonderful!!! I amazed myself at painting magnolias. Now I can paint them all over everything!
Can't wait for your Holiday classes! I'm ready!!!
Have a blessed Day,

Linda said...

Happy non-celebrated anniversary. I can't believe that you are coming up on 17 yrs. God certainly protected you from what could have been and really blessed you with a wonderful husband.
Love ya

Diann said...

Great job teaching! Your students did a beautiful job on their magnolias (which aren't always the easiest to paint). Man, you really have a lot of classes booked--that's awesome! BTW, thanks for the link and I have also added a link to your blog on mine (hope that is OK with you). I'm so glad to have found another One Stroke girl!