Friday, July 27, 2007

Puppy Update ~ (sleeping as usual)

Posh & Becks are doing so well! They are getting the hang of the not going potty in the house ~ but are still a bit too small do go down the stairs outside so we have to pick them up and take them out. We have had a few accidents but certainly nothing like I remember all the ones our other pets had. They have not once gone in their kennel which is awesome ~ that is where they sleep at night.

This a.m. they decided to get up at 5a.m. and DH took them out but when he put them back in bed with us they jumped right on my head and started kissing away ~ have I mentioned I don't like puppy breath? I know some of you think it's cute but it makes me almost throw up ~ yuk.
Anyway, they finally calmed down and fell back asleep and got me up at 6:55 a.m. having a good playfight in the middle of my bed. Just like newborns they love to eat, sleep and play. They truly are the cutest and although a bit much at times I am so glad that we got two at the same time. They love to play and cuddle like in the doggy bed above. I've been able to leave them in the Florida room when we go places and they've not had an accident yet (plus the floor is all tile so if they did it wouldn't be that hard to clean up)

Posh ************************** Becks

They've also grown so much that they've graduated to a bigger bed. They are too funny and like to shove themselves in the smaller one still. They also like to jump from one to the other ~ reminds me of my sisters and I jumping from one twin bed to another when we were younger.

Busy weekend coming up with 3 paint classes tomorrow ~ gotta get my canvas projects faux finished before tomorrow and have decided to GO WITH THE RED for the magnolias ~ thanks for your comments! I love the RED TOO and think the students will as well.

Today is a day with my boys out for some FUN ~ we're going bowling, having lunch , getting haircuts, they are begging to go to starbucks for a frappuccino ~ non-caffenated of course! and then home. They are homebodies like their mom! I used to GO GO GO and in the last few years have learned that I don't always have to GO GO GO!

For those of you that like soccer or your kiddos do ~ you can go to and register to win a signed LA Galaxy jersey - won't let you put childrens names under 13 in. Of course, I entered myself! Would so get it framed and put it in my middle sons room.

I thought it would be cute to find a stuffed high heel toy for POSH and a stuffed soccer ball for BECKS ~ when/if I find them one I'll post their pics with em.

Didn't make the apple crisp last night. All we had in the fruit bowl was delicious red apples and my husband insisted that a crisp tastes better with granny smiths ~ so I'll get those today and have some crisp for dessert tonight - after our usual friday night PIZZA!

So before I even finished my post Posh & Becks were up and ready to go outside





Hope you have a great weekend! I'll share pics of my weekend painting classes with you after church on Sunday!


carolyn said...

Posh and Becks are so very adorable, I've wanted a Dashund for years but we have 3 dogs already.

Sandi @ the WhistleStop Cafe said...

They are to cute. You need to put a video on you tube... they would be famous!

Traci said...

Your puppies are adorable. My sis-in-law just got one too. His name is Galioth!! I too love your pups names!!! So fitting.
You are a great painter too- way to share your talent!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Those puppies are precious.

Southern Heart said...

They are just adorable, and getting so big! Like kids, they grow up too fast, don't they?

I hope that you and the boys have a fun outing today...sounds like our kind of day!

Sue said...

Just stopped over from you post on Andrea's blog at Southern Heart. Your puppies are adorable & I love the names!
I've enjoyed looking at your lovely art. What a blessing to be able to share your gift with others like you have done with your art. You must be a very good teacher because their projects are teriffic ;)
Have a good weekend.
Life At Home

The French Nest said...

Posh and Becks are absolutely adorable! I can't wait to see more photos of them as they grow!


Linda said...

Those puppies are sooo cute. My kids love seeing how much they grow. Sounds like you are headed for a great day with the kids.
Love ya,

Julie said...

I can tell they have grown!!! So adorable!

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh so very cute!

justabeachkat said...

Love the photos! They're just too cute for words!


Alice J said...

Those pups are just TOO CUTE!!! I use to raise Toy Poodles. But got tired trying to clean up after them so I got out of the business. Plus I thought they should be in the air conditioned house and in the winter the heated house. But my husband thought that was too much money to spend on a dog of any kind.
But those are so cute I almost want some more poodles.

Sandi McBride said...

Just discovered your blog a former Navy wife and loved our travels, too. We celebrate 39 years of marriage in October...I love your art work, the magnolia's are lovely! The pups are sweet, and I agree...puppy breath is to gag over lol
will be back, I'm sure
Sandi McBride

Cathy said...

That is such a cute post. I was lol at the part about the dogs on the bed. Wonder how you can tell the cute little pups apart?

Sandy McTier said...

Hi Ya'll,
Sandi ~ I'm gonna have to think about that you tube thingy!
Traci - thank you - I love to paint!
Andrea - we had a wonderful day bowling and hanging out!
Cathy - we still have to look underneath to see what they are - took the collars off - they are still too small for the ones I purchased.
Thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog ya'll ~ I'm so glad you are stopping by and letting me know.
I also LOVE the names of the dogs however it is a bit funny to stand outside and say " here becks, here posh" I look around to see if the neighbors are gonna hear me like I'm embarassed or something. hehehe