Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Wednesday ~
Here are some things I finished yesterday. The ATC is off to a new friend.

These are the items I painted to donate to the Air Museum auction that is being held this weekend. Hope they bring the museum good money!

Wine carafe and stemless glasses with grapes

Antique windows ~

Roses and hyrangeas

Grape vines ~
I had painted this window on one side but painted it again so that it will have the same design on both sides.

Thanks for the post cards mom and dad! Hope you had a great time in Paris. Love the stamps on the reverse side! :)

Best get these items delivered to the museum before it rains. Have a great day!


The French Nest said...

Absolutely gorgeous creations!
You are so talented!


Belle-ah said...

Love the header!

Anonymous said...

I love your painting!!! Very beautiful creations!!

Nicole said...

Missed you terribly while you were gone. And you got home and I left! :( But Im back now. I just wanted to comment on the one picture your husband got of you on vacation. You are absolutely beautiful! He should work on getting more!

Miss*Laurence said...

Hello! I've been out of blogland for weeks, it's great to return to your happy designs! Love the ATC!

Southern Heart said...

I always enjoy seeing your newest creations. These are especially beautiful, and I'm sure that they will do very well at auction. You are so generous with your time and talent!



Kim said...

We're back from Atlanta and exhausted! We had a great time though! Love the ATC and the wine set. I'm so glad we have a class next week...I'm having withdrawls. I'll try to post in the next couple of days. Hugs - Kim

Anonymous said...

It is the 12th in Germany so I am entering the one year celebration of your blog. Everyone stateside is sleeping but I am already at work. Had a great time in Paris. Your Art Deco magazines are in the mail. Love that runner, hint, hint, hint. Still raining and cool for the third week in a row. I hear you are sending the heat our way. Have a good weekend.

La Tea Dah said...

Oh, I love your glass painting! I want to try it sometime, but I don't know how to paint! My mother was a gifted tole and decorative painter, so she spoiled me. Whenever I wanted something painted, she would do it for me. I bought a lovely set of goblets at a yard sale before she died --- and intended to have her teach me. Now she's gone. . .and they sit. But, your post has inspired me. If I can figure out how to begin, maybe I will try myself. I'm thinking roses. . .are they hard? And I'm also thinking I'm getting in way over my head! ROTFL! I can dream, can't I? I love your paintings so much. The window frame is darling --- and the carafe and glasses perfect!

Have an awesome day!