Wednesday, July 18, 2007

One proud momma!
These two dogs are just the sweetest.
The first night (Mon.) they slept in their crate from 9p.m. til 12:50a.m. out to do their business and back in their crate until 6a.m. Outside again and in bed with me until 8a.m. sleeping.

Last night was the ultimate though -
in bed at 9p.m. and not up to go outside until 5:50a.m. they were not having anything to do with going back in their crate and hubby relented and put them in bed with us. He left for work and the puppies and I slept until 7:00a.m.
They ate, went outside, played/fought with each other and this is them at 8:10a.m. WORN OUT!

My boys decided that they were unsure of the names - main reason because what will they say when their friends ask? I told them to say their names and their reply was ~ they'll all think it's stupid and not know who Posh & Becks are (in real life).
Gotta love the start of these teenage years.

There have been many many times in my 13 years of being a mother where I have felt so inadequate, so lost, so confused. BUT, I can see now that that is nothing compared to the years that lie ahead of me as a mother. I don't know if it's getting these puppies and seeing how young they are (6 weeks old) that all these emotions are running through me this morning.

When did my boys grow up to be 13, 12, and almost 11. I remember when I had all three of them and they were under the age of 3. It was hard but I loved it. I think God knew how much I needed a routine, a schedule, a plan. My sister had just taken some classes at church about parenting and she shared that information with me and let me tell you what a life saver it was.

God had the plan first of making things organized for me ~ my oldest son was born on a Monday, my middle son born on a Wednesday and my youngest son born on a Friday. They were all born during duty day hours as well. My oldest was born on the 14th of March, a year and 3 months later my middle was born on the 14th of June and a year and 3 months later my youngest was born on the 13th of September. My youngest would have held out until the 14th if I had not fallen on my knees on the ice in Iceland ~ sent me straight into labor. Here is even more organization - my youngest was born on September 13th (Friday), weighed in at 8lbs 13 oz., born at 5:13 p.m.

They grow up so fast - I never believed that saying when they were ages 1,2, and 3. I know I prayed everyday that God would get me through and I know even more now that I'm going to have to pray several times a day that God get me through these teenage years!

Enough about that ~
have to get ready to take my puppies for their first shots, go grocery shopping and get ready for my painting class this evening.
Have a great WEDNESDAY!


Terry Richey said...

I feel your pain....both with the kids and the overwhelming emotions about the dogs! Now you know why Don and I consider "Lilo and Stitch" as much a part of us as our children. Hope you have a great class tonight, I cant wait to see the finished products!

Linda said...

Those dogs are sooo cute. I am glad they are not giving you too much trouble and are sleeping well. You and your dh have done an awsome job with your boys and I am sure the teen years will be no different. Just keep praying.
Love ya

nancy said...

gotta love the pups! you are so awesome, sandy, in SO MANY ways & i am so blessed to have met you back in england and the bond we (all) share amongst our guys are the greatest and we love you lots!

the mcginnis family

a.n.other said...

Your new puppies are lovely. I have had my new addition, a black Labrador for 5 weeks now, and I adore him. HE IS HARD WORK BUT WORTH EVERY MNUTE. I love your blog, discovered it through Ruby in Bury St Edmunds, I live just outside there.

Michelle said...

oh my gosh those dogs are adorable! I probably wouldn't have been able to resist either :)

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes for Kayla!

Southern Heart said...

It sounds like the puppies are doing very well (it really is like having new babies in the house).

Don't worry too much about the teen years. Things change, but like everything in life, it's nothing you aren't prepared for. You just take each new situation as it comes. I've gotten one to 21, and one to 16 (prayers said and fingers crossed!). You'll do great!


Kim said...

They are certainly precious puppies! I just can't believe you guys don't like "puppy breath"! It's one of my very favorite smells! You're a GREAT Mom and though it's a different kind of stress/chaos, you and your boys will look back years from now and LOVE that you and Hubby were such BIG part of their lives as they were growing up. Thanks for a great class tonight. Hugs ~ Kim

justabeachkat said...


I haven't visited in a few days and look what's happened while I've been away! Oh My Word...they are adorable! You're brave though to do two at once. So cute!


La Tea Dah said...

The puppies are darling! Can I hold them, please? Oh, they are SO CUTE!!!!!

And your post about boys growing up --- hmmmm, makes me abit nostalgic. How I'd love for mine to be 13 and 14 again! But here were are at 19 and nearly 23. The time goes SO quickly! And letting go is oh so hard. I've always said it's easier to give them roots than wings, but give them wings, we must. God bless you on that journey.

Hugs those baby puppies for me. I love puppies!

:) LaTeaDah

Anonymous said...

The puppies are soooo cute!!!!

Nerissa said...

What a sweet pic! Did you watch the Victoria Beckham show? Ha ha, I like them too. I always want to see what Posh will be wearing.
I don't know what to say about the teenage years. I don't want to think about that right now. Ha!

Katy said...

Hi Sandy!!! I stopped by to see your site (love it by the way) and was so excited to see your little doxie babies - I have my own mini and treat her like my third child!! Let me know when you start painting doxies! By the the names...I watched the Posh special last week and was completely entranced by Posh..what a hoot!!

Julie said...

OM gosh - they are so precious. Don't you just love baby animals! Your next class should be to paint your puppies! You are so creative.