Monday, July 23, 2007

Vineyard Landscape
Had a great landscape class today. I've had this vineyard painting in my head for some time and really enjoyed painting it. The ladies (as usual) did such an awesome job!


It's funny how the lighting on one side of the room is so much darker in my pictures. The lights are the same on both sides of the room - will have to start using my flash when I take pictures of ladies sitting on the left side of the room.


Alice H.

Alice won my giveaway and took home my painting from class.

Will be teaching this class again on Wednesday and have 8 ladies in that class. I did change the canvas though and we'll be painting it on a much larger scale.
Saturday we are painting ~ Indian Paintbrush & Blue Bonnets, Urn & Topiary Tree, and Magnolias. Will share those pics with you as they happen.

My day went much better than yesterday ~ thank you all so much for the emails and comments on my blog. Posh & Becks went to bed at 9p.m. and got up at 6:15 a.m. ~ much easier to deal with then 5a.m. My hubby was home later this a.m. than usual after working the weekend and was a sweetheart and took them out early and put them in bed with us ~ not sure how long this routine will continue. We have a florida room on the back end of our house and it's perfect for them to hang out in.

I had my windshield "crater" repaired today. Nice young chap that came by to fix it. He noticed my military base sticker on my windshield and asked if my husband was in the service. This young man that looked no older than 20 served in the Marine Corps and was sent to Afghanistan shortly after siging up and got shot. He didn't really elaborate too much about what happened but told me about some awards he received for "getting shot". I told him how much I appreciate his service to OUR COUNTRY and that he got those awards for being brave and defending this wonderful country and not for getting shot. He seemed to miss being in the Corps but said he enjoyed what he does now - and the biggest pit fall was having to touch all these HOT GEORGIAN windshields. Just in the short time I was out there chattin with him I got 3 mosquito bites ~ ouch. PLUS, the nats were just loving my hairspray and attacking me like crazy.

Have a great week.


Kim said...

Can wait for class on Wednesday! Steph sold another painting! She is doing so great! Glad you had a better day. Hugs ~ Kim

justabeachkat said...

I haven't been by in a few days, so it was nice "catching up" tonight. Love the painting and seeing the puppies again.

Hope your week will be good.