Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Uncle Cool

We hope you have a wonderful blessed BIRTHDAY!

I know my sister will probably post a really nice photo of her sweet hubby but you know to my kids he is known as Uncle Cool so I get to post a silly picture of him ~ and because it's my blog - hehehe.

Thanks for the sweet comments and emails on my last post. You know Kat's comment about cheering each other on really struck a positive chord with me. I think that is what all of us want in life sometimes is someone to cheer us on, to help us along, to lift us up, to support us. First and foremost we need to look to God for all of those things and second it's nice when you have family and friends that do that for us as well. I've been so blessed with this BLOG ~ for those that take the time to comment and email and well those that read and just lurk for showing their support through their interest! THANKS FOR CHEERING ME ON!!!
Grandma, thank you for your sweet email! I am so glad that you are enjoying mine and Linda's blogs! You are one busy grandma ~ off and about going to jazz concerts, still working, and faithful to your church and volunteering!

Miss Laurence, I know what you mean about taking too much on but you know that is just the kinda person I am. I have never been able to do things small, or half way ~ it's all the way big time for me! I am such a procrastinator and work SUPER well under pressure and putting all of those changes on one plate is just what I need to get them done!
I'm happy to report day 2 went just as well if not better than day 1. The dogs quieted down a bit quicker this morning and since my hubby went to the gym at 5:30a.m. I didn't get my morning coffee served to me but that was quite alright since I got to sleep in til 6:45a.m. before the dogs got up again to go out.

I hope you have a fantastic WEDNESDAY! Be a cheerleader this week ~ Cheer on a friend that needs some encouragement, cheer on your husband and kids for some small deed you'd usually let go unnoticed, cheer on yourself for some accomplishment you've made ~ big or small ~ go and do it and have a blessed day!

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Linda said...

Thanks for the bd wishes for Uncle Cool. He loved the picture you posted. I love the fact that your kiddos still call him uncle cool even though they are teen and tween ages. Makes me smile :) I will get in on the cheerleader stuff too. Although I think I will twirl my baton instead of cheer:) Either way Kat was right we do need to cheer one another along.
Love ya

Miss*Laurence said...

Well done for doing it all!! I'm inpired to make my own mini list for September (our back to school).

Diann said...

I think I need to cheer my husband along today, too! Thanks for the reminder to do what I should be doing everyday, but sometimes I just forget!

Belle-ah said...

As it is almost back to school time your last 2 posts were so relevant for me! Last week you were my cheerleader (more than you will ever know) and I was blessed by that so much! (((hugs)))

justabeachkat said...

Aren't you a sweetheart! I love all the cheerleaders in my life and hope I can "pay it forward". We can all be successful if we cheer each other on.

I did a post on this today and linked back to you :-) Rah Rah Rah!

Linda said...

Love the new header.

Sandi @ the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Thanks for the boost!

david santos said...

Great work. Rhnaks and have a good day