Friday, August 10, 2007

More Art, a good product,
a puppy update & an award
Been busy painting as usual and having the best time creating some things for some upcoming classes.
This piece is for a friend and wasn't intended for a class however, I loved it so much when I got done I think I will have a class in September for this project. Would make awesome Christmas gifts don't you think?

Katherine got her package (Aug. 15th)! Her mommy is an amazing scrapbooker and artist herself. This was a much OVERDUE baby gift but it finally made it to sweet Kat.

Tiger Lily Class

Decorative Scroll Work Class

More decorative scroll work on glass

THANK YOU LYNETTE!!! Let me tell you all if you have a stain
on your carpet that won't come out try this product!

Remember the ink stains from the printer saga from a couple of posts ago? Well, this product worked a miracle and took the ink out of my carpet. I went around to some other stains that were on the carpet when we purchased the home 2 years ago and they came out as well!
Miracle in a can!

OH NO YOU DIDN'T! Those were the words I heard the other day when my boys walked in from school and saw a dress on Posh!
Okay, I think I deserve to be able to dress something up pretty. I am a mom of three boys.
No bows, dresses and frills for me.
I used to dress my boys in outfits from Chocolate Soup when they were younger and they were so cute but to put something cute on my boys now would require a wrestle match to the floor.
Anyway, back to Posh!
Doesn't she look cute. I got her a huge pink diamond chew toy and microphone - don't you think POSH SPICE would approve ~ I'm sure it would be so MAJOR to her. (If you didn't see her special on TV you won't know what I'm talking about ~ but Victoria Beckhams signature statement is "that's so MAJOR".

The boys finally relented and told me they thought she looked cute. The dress didn't stay on that long though - BECKS was none to happy about it being on her and chewed and nipped until it got it loose! cheeky dog.

Anyway, this is the first I'm sure of many outfits to come!
Posh & Becks had their second set of shots and are doing so well. When we got them they were 2. something lbs. and now Becks if 5lbs and Posh 5.2lbs. They are growing so fast and listen so well.

I got an award that is too sweet!
Sandi over at Holding Patterns gave me this
"Nice Matters Award"
I proudly accept it and appreciate your
thoughtfulness Sandi!

So, did any of you make the crescent rolls?
Would love to hear if you did and what you thought!

We have extremely HOT days going on right now.
It was 104 yesterday with a heat index of 110 and
that was at 6p.m. last night. Today they are calling
for 106 with heat index of 115. My poor puppies walk outside and gasp a bit for some air.

Hope you have a great weekend! I have lots more
painting to get done for my classes this month and next.
Off to Starbucks to meet a friend for coffee and conversation! Ciao!


justabeachkat said...

Love your new art. I'm in if you decide to do a giveaway...hint, hint. :-)

Love, love, love Posh in cute!

Happy Friday!


Christi Snow said...

Loving that art piece, Sandy! I would take that class in a minute and I am NOT a painter! LOL!!! I am also really loving the are so talented, my friend! smiles...

Sharon said...

Yes I think your little project on the top would be a perfect September class. Love the swirls on glass.
Thanks for checking for me. All seems to be well now with blogger.

Sugar Bear said...

Your art is lovely! I definitely do think it would make great gift ideas! Posh is absolutely adorable. I just love the chew toys and the dress!

Alice J said...

I love the little dress on Posh. When I had my poodles I would dress them too. So, you just go ahead and do the girly thing with Posh. The boys just don't understand. It's a girl thing!
I also love the award. Right up my alley, ROSES! And the vintage shoe!
Now, you have to get my next class planned.
God bless you,

Linda said...

Love work as always and I really like the scrolls. Posh just needs some high heels and a little recording on her collar that says, "that's major". :)
love ya

Julie said...

Your pup is just too cute for words!!!

I LOVE the scroll could I use that skill! (wishing I was close enough to sign up for that class!!)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a great post! Scrolling swirls are beautiful, as is all your painting.

I am laughing thinking of dressing up my big Lab Beau in a pink thingie, I don't think he will like it! Your dog looks adorable, though, very very cute.

Renee said...

Oh your puppy looks adorable in her dress!

Belle-ah said...

Hopefully, y'all haven't melted down there!

Thanks so much for your sweet congratulations and all your other encouragments!

BTW, I love to stop into Chocolate Soup...don't they have the best prices??? MY youngest has officially left the cute little guys clothing phase, I think and I know I will miss it.

Terry Richey said...

Wish I could take the day lilly class. I have a yard full up here as does everyone else in this State. It is the ONE flower that the deer won't eat! Thought Posh was cute in her clothes. I thought I would dress Lilo as well when I first got her, but after seeing her personality it just didnt fit her at all. Have fun with them!

ADELE said...

I absolutely love the scrolls. I also love the new painting you have done with the initial on it. So very cute!!! You are so talented.
I am loving your puppy's new outfit. She is definitely posh. Hey, she deserves it! That's what pups are for......spoiling. I used to dress my Westie up in all kinds of outfits before we got Mallory. Now only Mallory gets cute clothes. HAHA.

ADELE said...

Oh, I forgot to say that you totally deserve that award. I can tell you are a very nice person and I congratulate you.

michelle said...

What fun projects! Fun puppies, wish it would cool off so I could try the rolls!

Jeanne said...

Posh's pink dress is darling! I had to giggle when you wrote about your boys reaction to it. I can just imagine the looks on their faces! Too funny! said...

She looks wonderful in her pink outfit!!

Caresse said...

Great work.