Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy * PopPop

Today my dad is another year older!
We love you dad - poppop and hope you have a fabulous day!

I always thought this picture looked like my first son but WOW ~ my youngest nephew Andrew looks just like my dad at this age.
I love this picture of him and isn't the outfit too cute?
This is one of two outfits I have that my dad wore when he was younger.

Sad news on the frog. The ants got him. The boys walked out to the end of the driveway and saw him sadly deceased and covered in ants. YUK.

Thanks for all the suggestions on the carpet and ink ~ I'm gonna try some of them today! Maybe a combination of all of them will take it out. I'll keep you posted.
Doing great on the resolutions - I know a bit late in the year to make them but they are all going great and it's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it!
Yesterday I went to a local FleaMarket store - junk store with no air conditioning actually and decided to go early so that I could beat the heat. I found some awesome things!
Crepe paper for .50cents and .25 cents. colors were limited but the price was too right to pass up. They have tons of the greyish and dark blue if anyone is looking for and having a hard time finding it I'd be happy to pick it up for you and mail it your way!
I also got this cookbook holder? It is solid and I actually have the perfect place next to the computer for the boys books when they are doing computer homework. I've sanded it and will paint something on it to make it a bit less 70's. It was only .99 cents.

The yellow bunches on the crepe paper are flower stamens and that got me to thinking and creating what I'll share on Artsymamas blog tomorrow for her Artful Blogging party! You should check it out.
The roll of wallpaper - gorgeous! It's speckled gold and linen on the paper and raised green velvet on top in a gorgeous scrolled design.
I paid $1.49 for the whole roll and they have another at the store that is a bit different - I should go and get it today!
Have a wonderful day today. I've got a full and busy day out with a friend today. We're gonna hit some new Flea Market stores that just opened as
well as a few antique places.
Dad, enjoy your day! Hope your package arrived already.


Sandi McBride said...

Sandy, I am heartbroken to hear about the poor frog! Before we moved here to Jefferson, we lived in Chesterfield and had a Koi pond that had 13 koi and about 15 frogs...my granddaughter loves frogs, too...we collect all thing frogs! And where in England were you? My husband was stationed at the Navy Bldg in London and we lived in Beaconsfield (Bucks) outside Windsor...we loved it so much that if we had to live outside the US, I'd go back there...my kids loved it, too, and when we moved to New Jersey, they wanted to give the boys speech therepy to lose their British accents...I nearly died laughing, that they would want to exchange that lovely accent for a Jersey one. And then there's me with a southern accent so thick you can cut it with a knife!!! In closing, I hope you gave the frog a decent funeral, no one should be left to ants! They are the bane of my existance!

Kari said...

Hey - check out my blog! I posted a picture of my mom yesterday because it was HER birthday - that picture and the one of your dad look like they could have been taken near the same time and almost in the same place. lol

Linda said...

I never noticed it before but Andrew does look like Daddy. I would like to say I am sorry about the frog but I can't say it and mean it. I do like the wallpaper though, I am sure you will find something crafty to do with it.
Love ya

ADELE said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad! I hope you are able to get the stains out of your carpet. I bet you are just sick about that. I would be.
Take care!

justabeachkat said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad...sweet photo.

Great finds!

Let us know about the carpet stains...fingers crossed you can get it out.


Sandi @ the WhistleStop Cafe said...

That is some great wallpaper~ I am embarassed to say that we had some like that in a bright royal blue. Ok that was a few years ago, my mom thought it was very 'rich' looking.