Thursday, August 30, 2007

My trip to Althorp ~ one year after Princess Diana's death

In case you missed my posts from my trip to England on the Tuesday after Princess Diana passed away you can see those in one of my previous posts. Also, the other day I posted pictures from my trip to Paris months after she passed away a few days ago.
My friend Jill's Aunt (a very big Princess Diana fan) had gotten several tickets to go to Althrop the childhood home of Princess Diana. We went the first week if not the first day it was open cannot remember but know we went right after they opened the grounds for tours.

This is the church in the village where it is said that Princess Diana went to church when growing up.

When you drive along the road to get to the property you get this amazing view - a veiw of the back of the 16th century house. It's a 300 acre estate. It originally had red brick but was later changed (the surface was - to stone)

The gardens were amazing and why I have no pictures of them is depressing. They were layed out in a geometric French style and were designed by the gentlemen that designed the gardens at The Palace of Versailles. The house has been in the Spencer family for 500 years.

Here is a picture of my youngest son. He'll be 11 next month. He was such a trooper on the day and that just answered my question above about not having more pictures ~ I had a little one to watch over as well.

This coach greets you at the entry to the property where we entered to the coach houses that were renovated and basically turned into a Princess Diana Museum - we couldn't take pictures in there which was a shame. Many dresses to include her wedding dress were displayed on mannequins. Jewelry, letters, pictures, books, furniture, etc. that all belonged to her were displayed as well.

The Stables
(when the property was acquired by the Spencers it was first used as a sheep farm)

The Saloon

What you cannot see is the amazing staircase that goes down into this room. This was originally the inner courtyard that was open to the elements. It was roofed in by one of the widows in 1662.

Notice the painting on the right corner ~

This painting was painted by the American artist ~

Nelson Shanks. He was commissioned by a group of London dealers in 1994. Amazing isn't it.

The Marlborough Room

This room was one of the last rooms to be furnished in the home and was completed in 1877. Before that it was divided by columns and used as a library and billiard room.

You can only get to this burial site by boat as it's in the middle of the small pond.

After walking around the pond you get to this amazing tribute to Princess Diana.

Both of these plaques were mounted on either side of the middle plaque
with a silouette of Princess Diana.

I remember going to every store after her death and getting all the newspapers and magazines I could. I also remember my mother in law sending this cartoon from the Augusta Chronical I believe.

I know the anniversary isn't until tomorrow but I knew I wouldn't have time to post this tomorrow.

I wanted to thank all of you for your sweet comments. I've decided that if continue to worry about the house stuff I'm gonna miss the opportunities God has planned for me TODAY. So, with that said I'll keep you updated on the progress as stressfull as it may be sometimes and will most likely ramble on with the impending decisions but know that even when I ramble on about it all I've got it in perspective. Have a wonderful THURSDAY.

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Sandi McBride said...

I always thought it was so appropriate that she was buried on the island, it was one of her favorite places as a child. And she has solitude at last.

Jen in MS said...

Hey Sandy,
I loved seeing the pictures! I bet it was really awesome seeing all that!!

Sugar Bear said...

Impressive photos. I wonder what Diana would think about being buried all alone on an island like she is. From everything I have read or heard about her, she hated being alone. I understand why her family did it but I still wonder how she would feel (though I know her soul is not there). What is your take?

Christina said...

I bet that this trip was the most amazing adventure ever! Too cool!
Thanks for sharing your pictures...

Julie said...

What a beautiful post! I will work on my L-O-N-G middle name post this afternoon!

joan said...

Great pictures! I love seeing travel pics! I've been to London but not here, would go back in a minute and hope to get back there some day. Joan

Sandi @ the WhistleStop Cafe said...

What a great post~ thanks for sharing that. We are lucky to have memories of such a beautiful woman.

FlipFlop Mom said...

THANK YOU so much for sharing those pictures.. it's probably something that I will never see... I am so blessed that you share this!!! What an amazing woman!!

Robyn said...

Oh what lovely photos I have never seen Princess Diana's tribute. Makes my heart heavy she was an incredible woman.

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Great post. The pictures are beautiful & educational for people like me who can only dream about visiting. Thank you.

I love what you did with the name meme.....she was truly an amazing woman.

Bonnie said...

Thanks for sharing those lovely photos beautiful. She truly was an amazing woman. It must of been awesome to see all that in person! I have a personal invitation for you:
see my blog for my details. Anyone welcome. Hope you will come!

Bonnie said...

The link is not showing for some reason..trying again...

Bonnie said...

Whatever!! It still didn't can just come to my blog to see rather!

Lisa Oceandreamer S. said...

These are amazing photos and I am so glad you shared them. I was so very sad and stayed glued to the TV and sobbed when they reported she had died. I set my alarm to get up to watch her funeral and cried more. I always thought shew as destined for great things, so young to be taken away from her beloved boys. I agree with the commenter that it doesn't seem fitting her being buried all alone on an island.

justabeachkat said...


It seems like forever since I've been for a visit. I've been out of town and I'm "catching up" on my blog reading.'ve been a busy girl! I loved them all, but this post especially. Beautiful photos and a great tribute to a true Princess!


Shelly said...

Holy cow! Absolutely stunning...and great photos! It took my breathe away. I would love to see such! Wow...those rooms! And those rolling hills! And that painting! lol..okay - clearly I'm all in!

Christy said...

Thanks for the tour! Beautiful pictures!

Lisa said...

Thank you for the story and pictures on Diana. I loved her because she was a helper. She was so vulnerable, like Marilyn Monroe. I admire that in a person, to do all you can for people. Fabulous post! And thanks for your comments on my blog! I have truly enjoyed reading yours and grateful for the opportunity! Lisa :)

Susie Q said...

I so loved seeing these pictures. I would love to visit there someday. I was lucky to be able to see the Diana exhibit that was touring the country and so loved it.

I adore what you did with her name...

I found my way here via Karla and a few others. I have seen your name float by so often and finally visited. I am so glad I did. I bookmarked so I can return often!

Thank you for sharing all these memories.


KaReN EiLeeN said...

I found your blog through Lidy. I loved Dianna. I remember feeling sooo sad that day of her funeral. We lived in a Condo then and I remeber walking my dog and hearing every home I passed having the television on with her funeral. The bells chimed all through my neighborhood. She was a beautiful person.
Love your blog too!! Congrats on winning.