Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to my darling HUSBAND
Today is a very special day in our house. It is my DH's birthday. He's 43 years young.
My DH is one of the most selfless, giving, and supportive people I've ever met in my life. He is a Godly man, a FAMILY man, my very best friend.

I've tried my hardest over the last 16 years to get this man a hobby (it would take some of the focus off all of mine ~ I thought~hehehe). He loves being with his family though and anything that would take him away from us (other than the Air Force) he would rather not do. My family and friends would attest that I'm incredibly spoiled and so lucky to have this man as my HUSBAND ~ and I thank God for him EVERY DAY!Happy Birthday my LOVE! Your family loves you so much!

It's been a busy week. I had my youngest son home Tues. & Wed. from school. He was running a fever, had strept throat like symptoms although our visit to the doctor yesterday pretty much ruled that out. Just full of stuff, terrible cough, and quite an array of meds to come home with. Now, my second son has the seal cough and head cold going on but didn't want to stay home from school.

I had two painting classes yesterday. We painted Cosmos on a picture frame. Nicole (left in picture) decided that I needed to start posting pictures of myself when I post their pictures and well, that won't be happening but since my youngest son was there acting all cheeky he took a picture of me, Nicole and Alice. We had such a great class and as usual these two ladies did amazing jobs.

Nicole, Me, Alice

My Cosmos


close up of Alice's frame ~ beautiful!


Close up of Nicole's Frame (she painted a different version of the Cosmo - one
with a cone like petal ~ lovely)

We painted the same thing in our evening class.
Sharon ~
she travels over an hour to come
to my classes! She is incredibly

Barb ~ this was her
first class with me and she did an amazing job!

Dee ~
Always a riot - very quite tonight though
with a lot on her mind and plate ~ good
luck with things Dee and safe travels on your upcoming trip.

Cheryl ~ this was Cheryls first class with me
and the first time she's painted. She did an amazing job!

I've been getting my other August class projects finished and here are a few ~

Calla Lilies



Have a few more classes to get ready for plus get all the laminated worksheets and instructions done for each class.
I want to thank all of you again for visiting me here! Congratulations to Christina and Jen and your tiles will be on their way to you ASAP!
Have a fabulous THURSDAY! Smile a lot, laugh even more!

I also got an award from Bonnie in


Belle-ah said...

Happy Birthday to your DH!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award!!!
And to your DH...
A Happy Birthday to you.
A Happy Birthday to you.
May each day of the year,
ever bring Jesus near.
A Happy Birthday to you.
A Happy Birthday to you...
and the BEST one you've ever had!

Terri and Bob said...

Happy birthday to your DH! I love your work, do you sell your things to others? I am really interested in one of those message boards!

Sugar Bear said...

Happy Birthday to your DH! Hope he has a great one. You are obviously a very good teacher - all of your students did beautiful work.

KJ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR HUBBY!!! His baby picture is adorable! And looking at his "doorprize" pict, he has a fantastic SMILE!

Also, congratulations on your award!

Best Blessings,

Sandi McBride said...

Congratulations on the award! Your DH is lucky to have you, as I am sure he knows...the classes are going well, girl, when you start doing them long distance, let me know lol

Alice J said...

Happy Birthday to DH!!!
You sure got a good one, Sandy! Hold on to him tightly.
Girl, you just keep getting those awards! But you deserve every one of them!
God keeps on blessing you!

Nicole said...

Happy birthday DH....
You look so beautiful in the picture! But you know, I didnt realize how tall you are. Snap. I hope you will allow us to take more pictures of you. People should know that you are even prettier than your art!

Angela said...

Hey Sandy,
It is such a small world, I go to church with Alice! She should be at our Scrap and Craft Night tomorrow, hope you are still thinking abt. coming!

justabeachkat said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby and congratulations on your award. You do rock!


Kim said...

Happy b-day DH! You are such an adorable and loving couple! So sorry your boys have been so sick. I remember those days! Congrats on your new award. I'm glad everyone else knows how wonderful you are, though we've KNOWN for a LONG time! I agree with Nicole, you need to be in all of our pictures! Love the Cosmos, Calla lilies & Orchids. Wish I could take all of the classes!!!! Hugs ~ Kim

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Happy Birthday to your DH. And the frames are all beautiful!

ADELE said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. I hope he had a nice celebration today.
Okay, I would so love to take one of your classes!! I bet you all have a great time and everyone does such a great job on their project. Of course they have an excellent instructor. :)
Love the frame! Oh, congrats on the award also. You deserve it!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Happy birthday to your husband, and how sweet of you to honor him!

Your students did such great work, you are a great teacher!

Robyn Haas said...

I hope it was a truly Happy Birthday for your husband! I don't know what you are talking about?! You are stunning in the photo your son took! Yes! I agree you need to be in front of the camera more! You are beautiful! As pretty as your artwork! Which by the way...CAN I SAY WOWsers! You do a fantastic job! God has gifted you with a beautiful sight for art! Just lovely! Again, thanks for sharing!

P.S. Congrats on your award! I agree girly! You ROCK!

Jen in MS said...

Happy Belated birthday to your hubby!

Those picture frames are gorgeous!! Great idea!