Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Have I told you how much fun we have at paint class?

Ms. Nicole being silly! I was gonna put this picture at the bottom but wanted you see we have lots of fun at my paint classes. We were talking about how the orchid had a flap that looks like a tongue. Nicole had a mouth full of chocolate which I also provide for my students ~ gotta keep up coming back and if it's not for the painting maybe they'll come for the chocolate ~ hehehe. Anyway, I told her to stick her tongue out and she did and I snapped the picture.

We painted orchids and everyone did such a fabulous job!

Ruth won the drawing for the day and wanted pink and purple orchids which I painted in class.





Thankfully my head was attached this morning because I am sure I would have left without it.
I must create a checklist for class. I cannot tell you the number of times I've left my camera at home or the camera card. Most of the time it's for a Saturday class and hubby has brought my camera to me numerous times. Got all ready for class and realized I left my camera at home ~ gonna have to make a checklist now cause the mental list I go down isn't working very well.
Luckily I only live 10 minutes from HL and I nipped home and got it just in time for class to start. We practiced on our worksheets and were ready to start and I just looked at my class like what are you waiting on and in an ever so gentle way Nicole said "we need paint"! OMGosh! We're at a paint class huh? Duh? So, I promptly handed out the paint and we moved right along all laughing.

Have a great WEDNESDAY!


Kim said...

I hate my "work" keeps getting in the way of paint class! The couple of morning classes I took were a ball, but I'm NOT a morning person anyway so I guess I just need to keep working to support my painting habit! Beautiful work ladies!

Nicole said...

You are just so funny Sandy! I knew you would post that picture. We do have a really good time at class! I was so happy to see Mrs Ruth today! Friday will be even more fun Im sure.

Terri and Bob said...

I wish I lived Closer! WAHHHHAAHHH!

This looks like sooo much fun!

Robyn Haas said...! Great work ladies and teacher! ;)

Sandi McBride said...

You provide CHOCoLATES? What time is class? I love everyone's paintings...they are all so talented...keep there noses to the about painting Irises and Anemones? Please?

Sandi McBride said...

THEIR, not there...dam, have to red pencil my own work!

Charity said...

One of these days I'm going to learn to paint. It's on my Do Before I Die list! So...wha'cha think about opening up a branch in Alaska? :)


Jen in MS said...

Your paint class definitely looks like a lot of fun!! Everyone did a great job! Do they finish the entire painting in one class?

Christina said...

I just got my surprise from you in the mail! YEAH!!! I love it! The sunflower is to die for! And what a GREAT box!!!
As soon as I can, I am going to post it on my blog for the world to see.

Linda said...

It is so good that you have fun in your classes. You are a wonderful teacher there is no doubt about that but you are also a really fun and great person to be around. Very encouraging and sweet spirited.
Love ya

Belle-ah said...

LOL...I know your classes must be a blast! When I was in my local HL I wondered if their classes are near as fun as yours.

Jen in MS said...

I got my present in the mail yesterday too!! Thank you so much!! And the pretty box was a nice will definitely be put to good use! I took a picture of it and will be posting it on my blog soon.
Thank you for making my day.....twice!!
Have a blessed day!