Thursday, October 05, 2006

Well, had our OSC board meeting today and although my hubby said the flower pens were hideous I decided to do them anyway. I was too tired to get ready to leave early and finished what I didn't finish last night. THEY LOVED THEM ~ as I knew they would. I have to admit I usually listen to my husband and VALUE his opinion very much but I didn't have a plan B and liked plan A too much to not do them.

I passed them around in this great terra cotta pot (hobby lobby).

After the meeting I had to go grocery shopping and when the lady told me my total I said "NO WAY!!!!" It was $474.00. Now this momma's cupboards were bare but I didn't think they were that expensively bare. My boys are 10,11, and 12 and I can only imagine what my grocery bill is going to be when they are 14,15, & 16 and so on. YIKES!

Paid for my pitch at an upcoming Fall Festival so HAVE to get on the ball and get painting - I picked up some more windows yesterday to paint. The windows were in much better shape than the first batch. I didn't mind paying more for them since I didn't have to clean off all the bug body parts. I've got a lot of ideas and a lot of things in my head that WANT to come out and be painted so I'm hoping I get that done this weekend.
Cami, I'll let you know my opinion on the CRICUT after I've had a good play with it~ hopefully tomorrow ~ right now the verdict is out but not looking too promising for a purchase.


Anonymous said...

Oh Sandy, sorry you didnt get as good of a deal on the windows. Maybe because they didn't come with spiders this time? LOL Can't believe your grocery bill! But at least we are blessed with the ability to get what we need, huh? Enjoy the Cricut...I am secretly hoping you master it so that I can feel better about having the thing. I am pretty certain that if I had been given the opportunity to try one out that I wouldn't have bothered with getting one. JMO though. Can't wait to see what you get done this weekend with the windows, Terry

Anonymous said...

those flower pens are awesome! I love those. I play Bunco with a group of ladies and we use flower pens like that. they're just too fun.

Good to know how you and Terry are feeling about the Cricut. It's a really big investment for me and I need honest opinions. I guess I'll hold off for now. I'd love a system that cuts chipboard (Pazzles) but that mac-daddy costs a small fortune! guess me and my paper knife will continue our little love affair... lol

oh - and that grocery bill? OUCH! I hope that'll last you a couple weeks!